Directx7,8,9which is the best for Geforce4 MX 440 64M


I used to run OpenGL mode in max5.1. The texture looked fine on the objects.
But this timeI installed Directx9b and NVIDIA 53.03 driver.
The textures looks so bad in OpenGL mode. If I run in D3D mode, the texture looks fine,but the speed is too slow.

How can I fix it? I tried the whole day to fix, but still didnot get it. Hope your guys give me a hand.
BTW, Can I run Software Mode? I hear Software mode use a lot of memery. is that true?

thanks for all input.


the GeForce4 MX is a DirectX 7 part


Originally posted by 3Dfx_Sage
the GeForce4 MX is a DirectX 7 part

So, are you using your expertise to tell this person to rip out DX9 and install DX7?

Yes, GF4 MX is a DX7 class part but that isn’t what he is really asking, is it?

Load the latest greatest DX in any case (with any gfx card).


Just use the most recent version no matter the card.

The problem probably exists in the driver, drop down to the 40 series.


the gf 4 MX are DX 8 spec but they dont have every DX8 feature such as pixel shading and such. but as cgFX said so clearly use the latest version you wont be able to use every single feature but the latest DX also fixes some bugs that older cards had.


okay, I though he was talking abuot choosing a renderpath in Max. I’ve almost no experience with Max (just enough to learn I cant stand it) so I was thinking that you could choose DX7,8, or 9 paths for Max.

Always use the latest version of DX. For GeForce4 and previous do not use the 5x.xx nVidia drivers. The newer nVidia drivers are forcing the chips to do things… ehh… not quite the proper way… in order to get a speed boost from the GeForceFX series. However, this actually slows down previous cards.


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