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I am a technical artist and animator. I just graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Graphics. I aspire to become a rigger/TA at a game studio, animation house, or VFX house. I will start applying to internships and jobs over the summer.

I really need some direction for my rigging/scripting reel that I am working on. The most difficult aspect of the reel is showing 2K+ lines of code in a short amount of time. I feel like what I currently have doesn’t do justice to the script I wrote.

Other than that I am worried about pace, presentation, and quality. If I am missing anything or if something is dull, please let me know.

Here is the YouTube link for the reel:

and the shot breakdown:

1. Personal scripting and rigging project. The source code for RigHelper is available on my website and

2. University animation project.

3. Personal facial rigging project. Model used under creative commons license. Texture, nHair, and rig created by me.

Song: Big Jerm - Lights Instrumental

The only thing I didn’t make is the female head model.


Phew, okay I’m finally getting some time to think about this again. The last week has been hectic with graduation and work.

So I have identified that I am not a world class modeler (lol) and I’m probably going to grab a nice hi-res model to showcase my rig and deformations. Some of my old classmates were pretty good modelers so maybe I can get permission to grab something from them (and give credit of course).

This is what I am thinking about for the new layout:

0:00 - 0:09  card with all of my information
0:11 - 0:49  showcase my auto rigger and a few of it's functions
0:50 - 1:49  showcase the new body rig and its features
1:50 - 2:49 showcase the facial rig from my previous reel (maybe just update the texture)
2:50 - 3:00 card with all of my information

This is about as long as I want to go for a demo reel. The times are approximate so it might end up being a little shorter.

The reason why I am spending less time on the script now is because who ever is watching my reel probably won’t know or care about what is going on there, so I am focusing more on “pretties”. That is why I want to go with a better model than the one I put together. That way I can actually show realistic deformations instead of speeding through the features of the rig.

Anyways, if anybody has input I would be more than happy to hear. My career adviser from the university told me it looks good, but I feel it is far from good.


Demo Reel v6

Okay! I’m making progress on this. The last few weeks have been crazy with work and that thing called life.

I made huge progress on my auto rigger and thus, the quality of my rigs. I also modeled a character that is much more appealing than the last one which is perfect to show squash and stretch on.

I have two tasks left now:

  • update the texture on the head rig or rig the Aubrey Plaza head model I have been working on.
  • get a hold of a realistic mesh to showcase deformations.

Other than that I could really use to tighten up what I have. Maybe re-record some segments so it doesn’t eat up so much time.

C&C welcome and appreciated!

  • Nick.


Demo Reel v7

I ended up rigging the head model I have been working on. I still haven’t gotten around to modeling the rest of it… Now everything in the reel was made by me which is nice. I still need to tighten up what I have.

The big thing though is to finish modeling the head from the latest reel so I can rig it and show some realistic deformations.

Making progress :smiley:


Well I just got back from SIGGRAPH. It was a blast and I met some really cool people! I got a chance to talk to a character TD from Disney who gave me some really great pointers on my reel.

His main point was for me to not get hung up on the technical stuff. The main job of a character TD is to make the character move in a pleasing way. The method is something I can discuss with other nerds like myself xD.

My task now is to spend a lot of time rigging an anatomically correct high poly character. I also ordered a book on anatomy to give myself a little refresher. It will be a nice addition to my library.

For now I have tightened things up in my current reel. I brought it down almost a full minute! Now I have around 45 seconds to show realistic deformations.

Demo Reel v8


Little update. Added some stuff and moved some other stuff around. Next step is to update the textures on the first part and then get some cloth and hair sim going on. Maybe I’ll just use some mocap instead of animating it.



Not a character artist, and haven’t done much rigging, so I was watching the video as a passerby might, with an interest in visual effects.

Thoughts: The length was good for me, the content was varied enough to not get bored, and each segment wasn’t overly long, yet included a good amount of demonstrable technique. The music helps and works with the pace, yet is not off putting or distracting. I can’t comment on whether there was enough techniques demonstrated from a potential employers perspective (as its not my area), but I enjoyed watching it. Personally I would attempt to touch up your contact card. Use a different font, or make it look a bit cleaner.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing.


Hey man, thanks for the response.

I’m working on a new version that is about 40-60 seconds. I don’t think employers really want to watch me play with controls so I’m just doing renders of my rigs moving instead.

Yeah the contact card is pretty bad, I bet that could be a turn off. I made a new one with Maya/PS colors that looks a bit cleaner.

I’ll post my new video when I’m done rendering all of my scenes. My craptop is really struggling to get through it though lol.

  • Nick.


less is more? I need to revamp the facial rig section. that rig is over a year old. i’m working on rigging some technical stuff to put in there too. got all the basic stuff though.



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