Dinosaurs In The Wild, Damir G. Martin (3d)


Title: Dinosaurs In The Wild

Name: Damir G. Martin

“Dinosaurs In The Wild” is a virtual theme park style experience that takes visitors back 65 million years to the time of the dinosaurs.
About 20 something illustrations were created while I was working on site with Milk Vfx crew.
My responsibilities for the project were to create number of concept visuals which were then narrowed down to particular
These were then pushed forward at a production level quality.
For the procedure we used existing dinosaur models to pose them and light them.
Finished dinosaur renders together with countless photographic elements were blended into seamless illustrations.
It was challenging to create such volume of work in that short amount of time but the team work
and a great atmosphere at Milk Vfx made it happen.
It was fun and memorable experience. I hope I’ll get a chance to visit that big hearted vfx family again.
Link to Dinosaurs In The Wild: https://dinosaursinthewild.com/
Link to Milk: http://www.milk-vfx.com/