Dino's Walk, Laverdet (2D)


Title: Dino’s Walk
Name: Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Painter

Hi! obviously, it’s a painting on a photography: the landscape is photo, and all the challenge for me is to get an acceptable level of painting, to be “tuned” with the photo… I’m not really sure it’s doing the trick, but…


I think its pretty well done, good job.:slight_smile:


U did it man! The dinos are just so real!
Really nice textures!!! Can I hav some close up of the dino?


What should I say? You’ve succeeded :thumbsup:


so great,Wow! Amazing! That’s the best 2d scene I’ve ever seen.


So great! Amazing! That’s the best 3d anime character I’ve ever seen.


Thank you for your kind comments!.. here it is a detail of the dino’s head…


thanks for the close-up, celmar.


Hey thats so close to the pic , good job


just like a photo:eek:


You have really achieved the purpose.
Also dinosaurs are perfectly drawn
Very adequately! :applause:


done really well, but IMO i think that a few tree shadows would fall onto one of the dinos somewhere, you know where the leaves of the tree actually break up the light. yea i think it’s would be that “extra” to put this over the top.


I believe some harder lightning of the painted parts might pay off. This would make the painting blend better with the photo which is on the edge of being over exposed (grass in middle and sun behind trees). And I think heiesuke got a point about the shadows.

Otherwise splendid! You’ve done great. :thumbsup:


Great atmosphere and characters.

I think if you try to put some of the brightest highlights, onto the head of the front beast,
as it is hit by that strong beam of light, it could bring it to the next level.

Thats just the first thing I’d try. it’s only a lighting mater. Otherwise your texturing of the beasts and cahracters is great. Like a shot from a SW movie.



I like it, you did a great job of blending


very nice work … pretty impressive work


The right foot of the beast is what’s missing, i bet if you put that in you will feel completion.


This is really a beautiful work.Marvellous details,scene,atmosphere,light…all perfect!


niice. How much of it is photo and how much is painting?