DinoMonsters, new breed of superheroes, Damir G. Martin (3D)


Title: DinoMonsters, new breed of superheroes
Name: Damir G. Martin
Country: Croatia
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

I was working my ass of past few months.
I quit my job in TV company to start a career as a cgi artist with emphasis on character design.
If you got interested in the concept past this thread and these two images, be sure to visit home of DinoMonsters© on following link: www.DinoMonsters.com
The web page is filled with number of really good looking renders(but be the judge for your self) turntables and other fun content.

Little about DinoMonsters©
They are group of characters called DinoMonsters©.
They are mutants, half man half dinosaurs.
Currently I’m looking for a publisher that can push this concept to a new level.
I’m trying to make them into a comic book/character art book/toy, and what not, and push this thing further. I’ve developed whole story behind these characters and as I write this post I’m finishing on sketching out the very first episode.
I have wrote six connected stories about how they became what they are, and further on how they formed DinoMonster© team and so fort.
It will be a genuine superhero comic book or graphic novel.

Also, I’m using DinoMonsters© to showcase my skills, and to try and get some commissioned work my ways, since I’m unemployed!! Looking for freelance!

Comments welcomed!

Here are two more images images:


Cool Dino, nice style :slight_smile:

I quite like “dont mess with elf” on your website!!

Keep up the great work

  • Ty


Wow very sympatic character cool skin and textures


amazing i like it very nice modeling & very good detalis by the face & wonderful color but i thing u have aproblam with the skin an the body ok

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


Don’t know why the changes I made to the initial post still don’t show so I’m posting
couple more images here, and the link to the DinoMonsters© page with more images, turntables, sketches etc…:

This is Ty, the leader of the group.

Stiks, very short fuse with this one.

Stiks taking on a mutated red eared slider monster.


yes these are good , like the style you’ve got going


Wait a minute, you said “This is Ty, the leader of the group.”

Oh my god! what an awesome name hahaa!!! :):slight_smile:

Excellent work btw :thumbsup:

  • Ty


very gooog man legendary:thumbsup:


poked_thx man.

TyroneMaddams_ Hehhe, yeah, great coincidence.

Abu-moaaz_ thx for kind comments people, very rewarding after mining this past couple of months!!
To hit front page would be a heart stopper, don’t even dare to dream of something more XD

Also, hope you guys enjoyed the DinoMonsters web page.


WOWOWOWOWOW very very very cool, have you rendered in ZBRUSH? HOW?


Awesome rendering Oo
Very good job :thumbsup:


Brilliant work! Good luck on the series … i like them a lot.


WOW. That is totally amazing. :applause: :applause: :applause:


I have to admit that I hate about 90% of all the monsters posted on CGtalk - but not this time. I love the character, texturing, lighting and over-all style! Great work!


Stunning work and really, REALLY, looking forward to seeing more. Goof luck with the new career, I’m sure you’ve got a great future if this is anything to go by. :slight_smile:


You’re got your own unique style going on. Sweet work, keep at it! STIKS is looking gangsta. :cool:


wow,It’s very cool ! I think you have done a greet work,I like it very much


fantastic work, very unique work :wink:


Amazing skin/scale textures!

And great vfx as well!


excellent model, texture and render, especially the rain effect is great.