dining room, Maciek Mackiewicz (3D)


Title: dining room
Name: Maciek Mackiewicz
Country: Poland
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, VRay

Hello everyone!

I wanted to present you my latest interior design.
Image rendered in Cinema4d with different multi-pass layers. Post production done in Photoshop.
Lighting: HDRI image in a dome light + vray sun

I Hope you like it.


very nice man :applause:


perfect,feel like family


Great job! Love the bookcase!


Yep, we like it (or at least I like it).
A not conventional point of view for an interior, at last.


Light, details and wood shaders look beautiful but you have a problem with the wood tiling on the table, or is it a part of the table that can be retreated?



Thanks for all this positive comments.

metrocubicodigital: not tiling table texture was done on purpose. Since it’a a rather long table I needed something to opticaly make it shorter. I didn’t want to have a ‘table highway’ across the whole image :slight_smile:



Great work! Beautiful light and details.


Thanks Neb!
I love your works :slight_smile:


You are welcome and thank you too :slight_smile:


really good render here… quality work for sure. The only thing that “bothers” my eyes is the table texture… it should be continuous throughout the whole length of the table unless ofcourse it’s two separate pieces. tiny little fix and it would be flawless, in my opinion.


Nice room and composition. Is the table supposed to have an extension? If not then the tiling is off. Otherwise, very nice.


Looks great! I love the textures/materials.


greate job! nice shading & lighting


Thanks a lot LukeZ!



Your image looks really natural, it has one of the best moods that I could remember. The only thing I see you could improve it’s the reflections in the glass, are too strong IMO… the table mapping it’s a little bit weird too… all the other thigns are really amazing



I like this bookshelf.


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