Dimension Productions seeks Digital Artists


We at Dimension Productions seek professional people who want a job bringing online a web-TV series that is built through CGI.

This is a fun experience, that will be a experience builder in your CG career.

The Web-TV show is called Parallels. Parallels is an Origonal Scifi Series. The plotline follows a main vessel that becomes lost in an alternate dimension.

This is a full job with payments. However, payments are to be awarded when profits roll in for the entire company. Then you are payed by the amount of work/meshes/designs you complete.

Required Positions
3D and Design Oriented

Character Modelor
- This is the most needed position open. You will be able to choose to model the rest of the main vessels crew, or if you would prefer to work on alien characters.

Technology Modelor - Excatly whats stated.

Vessel Modelor - We currently would like a few more people to work on alien vessels. See Alien Technological Designer Position to become a combination.

Alien Character Designer - People who like to design some pretty interesting characters, this is your position.

Alien Technical Designer - This position works if you like to design alien technology and alien vessels. This works best if you fit in a combination of this, and an Alien Modeling position.

Space Animators - We also require some people to animate space scenes.

Character Animators - Character modelors are welcome to join up, too!
Non-3D and Design Jobs
Voice Acting
- If you have any voice acting experience, or would like to auditon. Please email us using the email address in the contacts section.

Requirments: We like people who have a sense of responcibility and get the work done. No college experience is required, however it never hurts. We don’t judge you buy your experience, instead we judge 100% on your skill level.

If you are interested, please send reference images, demo reels… whatever recent examples of your work you have to parallels@indy.rr.com.


I’d like to make a few additions:

After a readjustment of the company, we also have 1 Director position, and 2 Supervisor positions open. These are all in our Character Division.

Positions are closing fast, but we still need a few character modelers, animators, and designers!

No Relocation is required!

Thanks Everyone.


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