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Forgive me if this has been covered, but I didn’t see it via a search.

I am a Video Editor who took Maya for 2 semesters at NYU in 2003.

I am an educated adult who wants to get up to speed enough to create some simple 3D objects (product design-type) on demand. I freelance where I want to be, so I don’t need to be good enough to compete with the best, just good enough to help out and do a good job when asked. I think DT can get me up to (basic) speed in about 3 months.

I am strongly considering a $500 annual membership to Digital Tutors for this reason. I have seen nothing but glowing reviews on Twitter, which I suspect are from the good folks at DT :slight_smile: Hence I’d like to seek non-biased opinions here.

The new learning model at DT can be seen here.

Please share your opinions.


I’d say they’re definitely worth a look. They tend to be very easy to understand, methodical, and often gradually increase in complexity so that you’re never stretched beyond your boundaries and can keep up. The titles that I’ve seen personally also explored multiple techniques to achieve the same result within a single project, which is ideal if you’re transferring from one software package to another, or want to explore additional functionality to fit your own workflow. Also, the sheer diversity of packages / topics offered offers a course for just about any type of project or skillset.

A definite thumbs up from me. :thumbsup:


Cool, thanks foryour feedback, danshewan :applause:I think I’ll go ahead and sign up.

When learning via their DVD tutorials, I do get a little lost or have questions. With their new online learning system, I believe that I can get up to speed, recall methods via notes/clips and tags and ask questions when stuck.

It’s a $500 risk for someone without a 3D job, but how else would I get one, right?

Thanks again!


It’s been a while, and I found that while Digital Tutors, while cool, seems to assume prior knowledge.

3D Buzz on the other hand is equivalent to sitting in a classroom at less than a fraction of the price.

For a $100 investment, their Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals is as good as my 2 semesters in Maya at NYU for $thousands. And I’m not just saying that. I don’t have any 3D Buzz affiliation. I am someone who gave up on Maya, returned to it recently only to get frustrated with making cool things via tutorials, but not understanding HOW it was done so that I could deviate from the lessons and actually create 3D for work, on my own, based on the knowledge taught.

3D Buzz takes you through theory, and they really, really walk you through the projects step by step. The 2-person teaching is very conversational and engaging. It feels very real-time. If anyone is considering re-learning or learning Maya, I strongly suggest 3D Buzz.

After completing 3D Buzz’s lessons, I will feel confident enough to jump into the lessons that DT has to offer. But they are like a marathon that one must prepare for unless one wants to have a heart attack trying to keep up.

#5 is the best for learning Maya.


i’d add my voice to the idea of using 3dbuzz to learn maya, their 2dvd set that has a runtime of around 85 hours will take you from ZERO all the way to a capable maya artist.

their style of training is quite enjoyable to watch and you feel part of a ‘class’ more than DT’s dry style training…both are good btw but i’d go get 3dbuzz first to take you upto a capable level then dip into DT for specific things you may want to learn once your upto speed from 3dbuzz training


i just bought a stream account.
i like DT very much. but there is one thing i dislike.
u could shorten every tutorial about 50 %. too much small talk.
too much senseless informations, repeating and other issues.

i just wanna the info, not a relationship to the author.
if i hear too much smalltalk i loose attention.

there should be someone who specializes in efficient teaching.
less talk, full info flow. till the brain bleeds. Maya in a nutshell

But DT still rules


i have quite a few DT dvd’s myself and i like there method of teaching, however 3dbuzz is pretty good too.

3D Buzz takes you through theory, and they really, really walk you through the projects step by step. The 2-person teaching is very conversational and engaging. It feels very real-time. If anyone is considering re-learning or learning Maya, I strongly suggest 3D Buzz.

i bought their intro to xna/c# and i love how thorough the two man team is.


I don’t think that Digital Tutors assumes prior knowledge. You just have to do the videos “in order.” For example, I am learning Houdini right now from DT videos and although I am more interested in fluids than anything else, I stated with “Intro to Houdini 9” rather than “Intro to Houdini fluids.” The same can be said for Maya - start with the “Intro to Maya (whatever)” video rather than “How to Model in SubD’s.” Of course more advanced topics are going to assume prior knowledge.

I do also feel like the DT videos can be long and occasionally repetitive, but I have also found if you follow along with them that it gets burned in your brain fairly well as opposed to other videos that go in one ear and out the other. I am about to buy one of the monthly memberships myself, I would definitely get the annual one if I could afford it right now. It’s certainly a worthy investment, I think, especially because it’s access to the WHOLE library. You could quickly spend an equal amount on video tutorials elsewhere and potentially learn a lot less.

EDIT: As an aside, I’ve never used that other video website so I can’t make a comparison. DT has never given me reason to look elsewhere.


that someone would be Alex Alvarez.


I agree. Alex A. is a great teacher over there at Gnomon. I’ve bought several of his DVDs. The only problems I ran into was that I noticed the lessons weren’t completely zero-newb friendly.

As far as DT, I like their lessons, but their price is out of my budget. $45/month is fair for what it is, but not for a hobbyist. If their video player would stream better…


Another vote for 3dbuzz. There is sometimes a load of chatter, but they get the job done,… and assume you know nothing at the beginning.


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