Digital skin grafting Technology in compositing - Making of SHIVAJI VFX


great execution of a difficult task!

rajini movies are always fun to watch, looking forward to seeing this one!


Nevermind, lets move forward.
I have the impression, after some serious roto-spline work & perfect matte for the not-so-fair skin…its just the matter of adjusting the colour values. Any good Lustre opertor can able to do it, near perfect. Is there any TIG veterans here to comment please.


wierd stuff, but well executed , can they now make a convincing black G. Bush too? lol.


Lots of efforts are indeed involved and it is truly path breaking. Infact first its kind in the world, as far I’ve heard. Mr.Mohan, since you guys are involved in it, what are the future possibilities on this technique. Instead of waiting for another “Director” to comeout with a radical thinking, its better Indian Artists moot its advancement and usages in the forums they are currently posting.


chk this image for more details


some one please guide me to apply this work for awards.

  1. list of the vfxawrds in worldwide .
    2.which award is most popular.
  2. important thing, is it worth applying for awards


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