Digital portrait, Anto Juričić (3D)


Title: Digital portrait
Name: Anto Juričić
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Software: Maya, Silo, ZBrush

Hi, this is my latest work, hope you like it.
I am currently finishing making of for this work so stay tuned if you like the model because i will be giving some really hot tips on rendering skin :slight_smile:


Hey, this really looks great. Would love to see those tips.


eyes need a bit touch to reach similarity of original person, very well work:)


This is truly amazing :applause:… Fantastic work Tonco :slight_smile:


Great work! Samo tako nastavi :thumbsup:


Excellent stuff. well done.


Great work! I love it!



Keep up the good job!


Great stuff! :wink:


It is no surprise your latest work is a masterpiece.
This is awesome, nice balance indeed.

Some of the works you have done are totally inspiring. Fantastic character artist.


Love it:)
your best work so far


good job :thumbsup:


Wawa weewa:bowdown: Very tasty.
You make the skin tips for great cultural learnings and benefit of glorious country of Croatian 3d artists.


Here is some skin shadig tips from my making of tutorial.

Scale of model is one of important things that must be well tuned becasue subsurface scattering weights relies on scale

If you are not sure how to adjust scale of your model in maya or max here is tip.

First load your model and apply fast skin material on to it.

Place some point light in front of your model and one point light behind model.

Point light behind should shine through your model in red color when rendered.

That red color comes from back scatter component of sss fast skin shader.

Now adjust scale of your model or even better scale conversion parametar in material until that red color only shines through the ears and some of it through the neck of your model. (IMAGE 2)

That way you will be sure that your scale is correct since fast skin shader comes already tuned for optimal results.


Hey, thanks for tips. What is resolution size of your maps in this project?


All maps are 4K resolution, soon complete making of at


Wow, that’s really good! Thanks for sharing the tips too.


Great work.
I liked this portrait of Barack Obama, it is great.
I published it in UTILNET.
Barack Obama em 3D

Best regards,
Miguel (Utilnet)


Svaka cast na likovima, drago mi je sto vidim i 3d umjetnike iz bosne. neces vjerovat al ja sam iz travnika i ovo je prvi put da vidim nekog iz bosne na forumu i pravo mi je drago): Svaka cast na sjajnim likovima…


Super , darago mi je da ima neko i iz mog komšiluka :slight_smile: Ja sam u Novom Travniku.