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Hey Guys, here’s a preview of a shot that i will be showing you how to achieve in my next tutorial, please subscribe to my YouTube channel :smiley:



looks great! I’ll look for it.




Thanks for putting together all those great tutorials!


Thanks! Much appreciated!




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These are great. Thank you!


New Aerodynamics tutorial is up :smiley:



In this video we take a look at the awesome Select N’ Go Plugin. This nifty little piece of work allows us to export out our work in various formats and in multiple files, it also lets us create takes (clips) for animation export.



In this tutorial we take a look at the Virtual Walkthrough, this tool allows us to navigate our scene like a first person shooter, and it also allows us to record our movements to a path or even a camera.



In this Cinema 4D Quick Tip we take a look at a way in which we can move, scale, or rotate a parent object independently of its children.



Hey guys and girls, you may have noticed that my tutorial output has slowed recently, that’s because I’ve been working on re branding Digital Meat and upgrading I’m nearly there, so just hang on a little bit longer and tutorials will start flowing again :smiley:




New Quick Tip!



In preparation for my next Cinema 4d tutorial about the Parent Constraint Tag, i thought it would be helpful to some to see how to build and set up a IK driven robotic arm, this will make animating the robotic arm way easier when it has an IK rig.



In this Cinema 4D tutorial we take a look at the Parent Constraint Tag. This tag is an awesome way to animate an object between parents and actually animate the parent on the fly. We also take a good look at the settings in the attributes of the Parent Constraint Tag.

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