Digital Matte Painter looking for Demo Reel feedback


Any critique would be appreciated.


Starts out stronger but gets a bit messy as it goes.

What I mean is it looks like you have some recent work and some older work or at least it appears that way to me. There’s about 3 to 5 pieces I felt strongly showed a good sense of composting and grading to get the image to read really well then there were a few pieces without breakdowns that were seemingly randomly thrown in over all there were a lot of pieces you simply didnt need and they do more damage than help. Stick to only the best stuff. I would avoid the throat slashing and wound unless your specifically looking to do digital make up or have it as a seperate reel all together. but man that grading was good really pulled off the first few images well so clean it up and show whatever else you have done in the past 6 months and I think you have a solid reel on hand