Digital Human Portrait Noelle #2, Nicholas Jorgensen (3D)


Title: Digital Human Portrait Noelle #2
Name: Nicholas Jorgensen
Country: United States
Software: Maya, Photoshop, Renderman, Shake, ZBrush

At the begining of this year I posted a cg portrait of a friend of mine. I decided I wasn’t even remotely able to capture here look in the last one so I started from scratch and took some advice provided by this forum and others and I think I have a much better result.

I used a similar image based lighting technique used in the last render except that this time I am using Renderman Studio instead of Mental Ray. Ive used this renderer for a few years now and I have to say it has taken me a while to really learn it. Its very different from Mental ray in its approach to GI and subsurface scattering. All the lighting information is stored in “BrickMaps” that live within the 3d space itself so there are no lightmaps and the GI isn’t necessarily camera based like with final gather turned on. This has its strengths and weaknesses I guess but I think you can get pretty great results. Whats cool about this is that its a Reyes rendering system so Depth of Field and Motion Blur actually decrease rendering times instead of exponentially increasing them like in a ray trace renderer. Fancy rending trickery aside though, at the end of the day, its the Modeling thats king. I have huge respect and appreciation for really good sculptors.

If any one is interested, I have rendered out a short animation where i just rotated the environment light around the model to get a sense of the lighting. You can find it at


Hey Nicholas,the image is cool!
Maybe you could work more in Specular (skin) and color variation also!

Keep posting! ^^


i like it , it is as if she is starring at you from the screen ,very good job :slight_smile:


Here are some AOV outputs







For some reason Youtube is down-ressing my animation so here is the lighting animation posted on Vimeo


Hi, you are making some great improvements, keep it up buddy…you will be sculpting like the pro’s in no time…Lighting test looked cool.


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