Digital Domain Institute?


Came across them on Digital Domains website.

I am quite interested in doing there Essential Skills courses.

Anyone know anything about them? any good?



You might want to read these first:

although they might apply only to the BA and MA courses?


Thanks for the reply.

I have seen those articles. But I agree, I think they apply more to the BA and MA courses as opposed to just some 10 week course.

Has anybody heard anything about the Essential skills courses or know someone that completed one?


digital domain has any courses? never heard before


From what I understand reading the links moidphotos posted, they are talking about students paying them $28,000 a year and also work to professional standards for free. I don’t know if the students would even get any industry accepted qualifications out of it at the end.

I think it would be cheaper and wiser to just do their actual courses instead and have qualifications at the end, than to pay to work for free.


Yes, from what I’ve read they have a partnership with the university of Florida. Through them they offer a full degree course including experience working with digital domain themselves. Although as pointed out by the articles, it is a bit of a con and and easy way for them to get free labour.

Anyway, the courses I was referring to originally. Are some essential skill courses they run, which are separate to the degree. They are more geared towards giving a basic understanding of the concepts involved and working knowledge of the software. If all four courses are completed you walk away with a diploma I think.

Problem is I have heard zero feedback about the course and can’t find people that have completed it. I was emailing back and forth with some of their admissions people about the course, accommodation etc. But as soon as I asked about getting into contact with an ex student or something to get feedback. I never heard back from them again.

Sorry for the long reply.


That may have been for privacy reasons. Ex students might not have appreciated their contact info being passed on to anyone who asked.


If you’re looking for shorter courses I’d look at Escape studios first.


True, probably should have thought of that :blush: But still that is no reason to stop communicating without notice.

I have looked at Escape studios and been to an open day. The courses look really good. But they are so expensive. It would cost a similar amount to go live out in US and complete the Digital domain courses. By doing that, at least I’d gain some life experience, I’m only 18.


Paying to work is a Cancer to the industry. Working for free is already pretty bad, if you are getting someone else rich. Think ahead: With what will you feed your kids if the industry you’re working for, can’t pay you because there are people willing to pay to work. Don’t let your passion blind you from a sustainable career path. You will not be a student forever. I highly recommed reading vfxsoldier for some insight into how toxic cheap labor alienates families and lives.

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