Digital Beauty, Florian Becker (3D)


Love the style, great lighting! Opening the mouth like in your test photo could have given you an excuse for showing cool teeth and subsurface.



awsome work …
i liked lighting and his expressions too !! :thumbsup: :applause:



Good one I like it, Lots of good details and nice lighting.
Keep it up.

Best Regards


are you trying to say he is ugly, man I bet he can have any girl he wants. Hahaha…
just kidding , nice render like the lights like the concept but seriously the beauty is in the eye of the beholder you wouldn’t believe the number of cute hot girls hanging out with dudes like this one.
4 stars


:thumbsup: Ha ha! Great modelling and nice idea. The expression of his face remind me of a good friend of me.



Man your work rocks the idea rocks the modeling rocks and when everything rocks it means the whole image rocks.Nice Work.

Dont Just See What You Can See Try To See What You Can’t See.


Very nice idea.Great job! :slight_smile:


Hey love the image, really nice render.



Funny :slight_smile:
And Well done. Bravo!


ha ha funny :scream: Great job:thumbsup:


Great render :wink:


that is funny good work


nice work.


Everything looks great, but the ultra-realistic tiles really caught my eye!!

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the inspiration!!:thumbsup:


Super! Very expressive.

It would be a lot of fun to see this guy animated. With all the details, I would image it would also be a lot of work.


Thanks for noticing! The prototype of them are in my bathroom. Even with the small cracks!! :wink:

When we started we didn’t realize that the project was impossible to finish. After we finished this Image we put this guy on the shelf. One Year ago I started a small Project to test the work flow of an animated short. But little I knew. I’m still working on the test which I will present in a view Month on the ‘WIP/Critique: Animation’ Thread. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as this one!
But maybe, one day, I will take this guy of the shelf and finish what we started almost three years ago. :wink:

Last but not least: Thanks for your comments!!!


Really nice! I can’t help but enjoy the lightning and the expression, really nice! :thumbsup:


goood model good light :applause: ı cant sayy anything


Very well done and very funny too! ^^


good job and good ideal !:applause: