Digital Beauty, Florian Becker (3D)


Title: Digital Beauty
Name: Florian Becker
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

This work was done during my study in Augsburg.
Our “Digital Beauty” ment to be the main character for an opener in a local cinema. But the workload was overwhelming, so we decided to create just this still.
It was realized by Joerg Maxzin, Martin Wallner and - of course - me.

I hope you enjoy the ironic display of the beauty obsession these days.


haha. very nice idea. great job! :wink:


Very well done.



Realy fun…great imag and idea…5stars



many datails, very good.



nice work man, love the hair detail and the light setup


LOL, a man like that should just shave his whole face. GJ


good work man



very well, good work… i like that…
good story… 5* from me…



Great job! Very artistic and good technics :applause:


he he , cool !

5 stars !


Nice Image mate love the textures 5 stars from me also :thumbsup:


nice work man, really nicr rendering


Very nice work! I love the character design.



I like this character, its very good! Nice pose and expression to show that personality. Hot stuff.:slight_smile:


Nice work and idea. lol
Is that a real reflection or 2 models?
If it is a real reflection very well done.
Usualy the lighting is always off but that one looks very smooth.


Thank you for the great feedback!!!
I’m so happy you like it!:slight_smile:

MrHobby, i have to disappoint you. There is no reflection in the scene. As you assumed, it’s a second model of the character.:smiley:
However, we tested it. We just took a mirror an did it for real. That was the basis for the final image.


That’s Joerg Maxzin on the picture


Thanks again for your comments!


excellent work! :thumbsup:


Nice setup and awesome modelling. Really funny! :smiley:


Ha ha ha…very cool…