My first new thread here and I already like the forum… everyone seems to be so nice and help eachother :thumbsup:

I recently started using Z2 and I’m using Wacom (digipen) at work and at home.
Does anyone use it in Z2 and is it possible to use the pen pressure feature?


…just a Volito (first price of Wacom) and any problem : pressure is supported by Zbrush!
(Digipen is not Wacom : it’s just a Wacom technology! But I suppose it’s the same)

For paint (yes you can also paint with Zbrush :rolleyes: ) try this :cool:

Fill the canvas (not obliged) with any background (unify or any image)
Take just one tool the “Smudger tool”
And paint with your “pen”

Ctrl = Paint a color !!!
“C” = Pick the color on the Canvas"
“S” = Size of the Brush
Of course you can use any Alpha as form of brush :slight_smile:
Ctrl + N = Clear the Canvas

    • = Zoom
      With only that, you can paint all that you want :rolleyes:
      Have fun painting!


Thank you!
I’ll try it, sounds great.


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