Digi Portrait...


hey all, just finished this average typical portrait this forum gets all the time. and your all probably thinking to yourselves…aww not another boring portrait… yuo suck…booo…anyhow… this was done w/my mouse so it took awhile and its the first time drawing something realistic, if you can call it that, heh…i really need to find better techniques…so post a crit , comment, ignore me or whatever it is that makes you happy. :thumbsup: also check out the wip section soon to check out my boring 3d guy. :slight_smile:

:hmm: i also wanted to post a poll but it doesn’t have one so i’ll post the poll here just tell me what you think
1)stop painting, you suck :thumbsdow
2)not bad for a first try :applause:
4)draw me:arteest:


whoa, i really like this, you sure this is you first time? :stuck_out_tongue:

just one thing, that seems to bug me with every portrait is the eyes, people tend to always draw them flat, the ends of the eyes need depth…

:thumbsup: keep em coming…


goos job, but the background is disturbing:p


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