Diffuse and Indirect with MR need help.


Hi Guys,

While ago I posted a thread and since then I re-rendered my scene but still I have some issues with my Diffuse and Indirect passes form my Beauty Color layer.
I did some screen-prints so you can have a look what exactly is happening and what is the rendered results:
These are my passes in NUKE

And here you can see what is the result after I compose them:

Now I’m not sure where all of this is going wrong, the most likely place is probably the render in Maya and Mental Ray but absolutely have no idea why I’m getting such results.
Here you can see my initial render setup:

My shading network consists mainly from mia_x_passes and mi_car_paint_phen_x_passes and I used the mib_color_mix to layer the materials.
Here few examples of my shading networks:

So basically, as I don’t have much experience with rendering, for some reason I don’t get any textures and colors on my Diffuse and Indirect.
Please provide some hep if you have some sort of solution for my problem, as this was the second time I rendered this scene and it takes forever.



pretty strange, at first i thought it might be an issue with the mib_color_mix but i did some tests based on your hypershade setup and everything went ok. have you tried rendering your materials and sub materials one by one to see where this passes stop working?


@bpx thanks for the reply,

No I haven’t tried to do what you are suggesting but it will be good if you can tell me how to do it as this is my second ever work I’m doing in 3D and I’m still pretty much learning.


i meant just creating one (or more) sphere in your scene and apply let’s say the mia_material that is connected to the “CarPaint_M11” hit render and in the render view window go to: File > Load Render Pass and check if your passes are working correctly for that material, then apply the “CarPaint_M11” do the same thing and then with another material and another one until you find which material is not working correctly with the render passes.


I see :wink: I thought that you had in mind something advance technique.
Yes I would give it a try. I didn’t bother to do this test only because I was keeping rendering the master beauty and everything was looking ok but obviously it wasn’t on passes level.
Thanks anyway.



pretty basic stuffs actually hehe
look, let me know how it goes cause i’m really curious to see which node is giving you that issue.

good luck!


Hi bpx,

It seems like you are the only one who is willing to help here.
Anyway I found out that some of my surfaces were with reversed normals and after fixing them I did test by rendering the first frame and this is the result now, which still I think is not what it should be.
Here is how the new Indirect pass looks like:

And this is how all of them look when added:

Here I added and the Master Beauty one, also I’m not sure if this is normal but on the Reflection pass the reflection on the tires are so strong and don’t mach what is on the Master Beauty Layer.

I’m not sure if the Diffuse pass is ok , to me it doesn’t look good though. Although I’m not sure if I need to add some extra passes as I’m using, within my shading network, mia_car_paint_phen_x_passes together with the mia_x_passes. On the other hand my tires don’t have any mia_car_paint_phen_x_passes it consists only of mia_x_passes but still render with the same issues.
Is getting frustrating.


uhmm… even though that indirect material is kind of strange, just for the fact that you have a lot of black reflective shaders, i would say that it is not that far from what it should be.
let’s do something, add me on skype and let’s take a closer look at your setup and see if we can detect where the problem is coming from. i’m gonna pm you my user name.

ps: based on my experience i can tell you that tga (even if you’re outputting them in 16bit) from maya and MR is not gonna work well when compositing them in nuke, you should go with something like OpenEXR 16bit half float and in linear color space.


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