Different workflow or different uses?


Hello, I have another question that I think is best displayed in videos!(No need to watch them completely, just using them to illustrate my confusion)


  1. Base mesh
  2. Export into sculpting tool and go loose
  3. Fix topology
  4. Animate/Import into game engine



  1. Base mesh with perfect/good topology
  2. Export into sculpting tool
  3. Some form of mapping to get the details from the sculpting session onto the base mesh(mapping is a whole unexplored area for me at the moment, would love some tips here to grasp the general idea)
  4. Animate/Import into game engine

Did I understand it correctly and it’s just different workflows or do they have different uses? E.g. the first one only usable for sculpting purposes and no practical use?

Thanks a lot for the help with clearing my blurry thoughts up!

Best regards



They’re both viable work flows. Games typically use the first workflow, because game topology often contains a lot of triangles, and thus doesn’t play nice when subdivided for sculpting.


Okay, thanks a lot for clearing up that!

So animators prefer the second because? I have a few thoughts but, I’d like to be perfectly sure :slight_smile: Thanks!


As posted above, both workflows are viable but typically the second one is if you want a more detailed character model because you would be transferring the detail from the sculpt to a low poly mesh by creating a bump or a normal map (personally I use xNormal). It may also depend on what engine that your exporting to, as some handle models a little differently than another, an example would be that UDK generates a lightmap while CE3 doesn’t utilize lightmaps at all, so sometimes one would have to take this into account or else some strange artifacts could happen.

If your trying to do an animation you don’t have to be as conscious about your workflow as you wouldn’t run into the same limitations unless you’re trying to render it in a game engine.


The animators shouldn’t care, because as long as the modeler is doing their job right, the end product will be identical. It’s just a matter of what’s faster.


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