Different New Fusion menu?


Hi how is it possible that I have a different fusion menu?

What I expected:

What I got:


Did you recently upgrade or something? Your first image appears to be from Modo 902 and your 2nd image appears to be from Modo 10. I recently upgraded and I haven’t really messed around with MeshFusion yet, but it does look like things are a little different in 10.


Yes that must be the reason.


I found some tutorials for MeshFusion in Modo 10 here: https://vimeo.com/modogeeks

I’m having a hell of a time trying to figure out this new workflow. I guess I have to throw out everything I knew about the old MeshFusion and relearn this new way.


Hi Guys,
Yes, MeshFusion has changed in Modo 10.2 — we believe you’ll love it once you get to know it.
More Videos are coming to the Vimeo Modo Geeks Channel every week.
(for some reason I can’t get to the Modo Geeks Vimeo channel at the moment using link posted above – link seems correct)

Here’s a link to one video that should work: MeshFusion 10.2 Workflow Basics

A couple of notes:

  • If you were previously using the 3D tree: The new workflow is easier and far more capable. (3D Tree supported only a subset of possible boolean expressions).

  • If you were previously using schematic: The new workflow is much easier — but you can continue to use schematic directly as before if desired.

FWIW here’s one example — a test model (WIP) I created without ever needing to look at or directly edit the schematic. (would have spent a great deal of time solving the schematic with the previous workflow).

Best Wishes,

BloDry Flyer - Modo MeshFusion Model


Thanks Darrel, I think I’m starting to understand this new workflow. I’m used to the 3D tree, so when I couldn’t find it I was getting a little worried that I would have to learn the schematic workflow, which I hate. Anyway, once I get the hang of this new workflow I think it will be easier. And I’ll keep my eye on the Modo Geeks channel for new videos. Lots of good stuff there already though. Thanks for providing them.