difference beween animation and art


hi i want to know whats the difference between animation major and computer art major http://www.schoolofvisualarts.edu/ug/index.jsp?sid0=1&sid1=21 art

http://www.schoolofvisualarts.edu/ug/index.jsp?sid0=1&sid1=15 animation

im hoping to work with more 3d classes but i want to be a computer animator not sure
i dont realy want to major in traditonal animation im want 3d computer animation



The art one seems to be more about integrating 2d/3d pieces into video for tv/film. The animation is about learning animation. You should get the course guides and compare the classes you’ll take to get a better idea.


thanks do u think there classes are better then pratt’s http://prostudies.pratt.edu/certificate/animation/index.html


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