Difference between shear stiffness, and bend stiffness?


i am doing some tests with cloth in xsi 4 and i am not seeing a difference, i looked up shear on google to see if i could get a better explanation of how that relates to cloth, but i found nothing. does anyone have a good explanation on what shear, and ben does in laymens terms?


Well you asked this in the other thread, it was answered there too… it’s also clearly explained in the documents from Syflex. Simply the kind of spring.


shear helps preventing faces from flattening.
bend controls how much 2 faces rotate around their common edge.


Stretching springs: created along the edges of the mesh. They control the stretching strain of the cloth and thereby its elasticity. These springs are created only along the edges of the mesh.[b]

    Bending springs:[/b] they control the bending strain of the cloth. Bending springs connect two vertices of the mesh that are separated by another vertex.[b]
    Shearing springs:[/b] they control the shearing strain of the cloth. Shearing  springs connect vertices across the faces of the mesh.


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