Diet Pepsi 'After Hours', Redrover Animation Studios Ltd. (3D)


Title: Diet Pepsi ‘After Hours’
Name: Richard Rosenman
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max combustion Photoshop VRay
Submitted: 14th March 2005

Diet Pepsi “After Hours” is a 30-second, fully computer generated commercial recently produced for showcase during the 2005 Academy Awards on American broadcast stations. It was completed in about one and half months, with a crew of about 8 core artists at Redrover Animation Studios Ltd.

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Client: Pepsi
Agency: DDB New York
DDB Creative Directors: Seth Fried, Michael Vitello
DDB Producer: Anthony Curti
Animation Production Company: Redrover Animation Studios Ltd.
Directors: Richard Rosenman, Andy Knight
Producer: Randi Yaffa
Line Producer: Chris Stewart, Christina Helmer
Compositor: Brad Husband
Editor: Scott Buscis
Music: The Ramones, “Blitzkrieg Bop”
Sound: Sound Lounge
Character Modeling/Rigging: Ben Pilgrim
Environmental/Prop Modeling/Texturing: Chris Crozier, Mike Oliver
Environmental/Prop Texturing Assistance: Rob Jones
Glass Modeling/Simulation: Mike Oliver
Lead Animation: Kyle Dunlevy
Animation: Matt Kowaliszyn, Steve Wittmann
Art Direction/Lighting/Rendering: Richard Rosenman
Rendering Assistance: Mike Oliver
Studio Troublemaker: Bondi




WOW I just simply love this!!!
always liked this kinda commercial…
talking and dancing drinks or chocolate… just make me drool all over the place…
I love the animation… it’s very happy~!!!
I like rendering too… It’s really good…

It’s going into my collection :wink:

WOW again I read the article about it on the website… It’s really good…
I love it!!! five stars from me~~!!!


Love da Work…Specially close up shots…G8 going Dude:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
…Love the Add but hate da taste of pepsi …2 sweet.yak!

[size=4][font=Arial Black][color=yellow] [/color][/font]CgINDIA[/size]


This is soooo professional. I really like the reflictions on the cans.
really cool.


Amazing work, very impressive, but why do the pepsi can textures look a bit low res, it is because of the depth of field camera blur or the motion blur?

  • You’ve done a great job.
    • I really like the cans and the bottles.
  • The animation is great!
  • I think that the glass could use a little work though, the broken parts look a little too perfect.


Wow, a superb job by the Redrover crew.


cool animation! hehe, havent seen any dancing and jumping animations lately.

i was wondering, did the director wanted the glass shards removed on the final shot?:slight_smile:

i hope they wont burst when somebody buys and opens one of them in the morning.:bounce:

great job by the way!


Nice ad!!

This would be a good piece to show animation students. A great demonstration of getting life into a simple character…and they dont come much more simple than a can of refreshing pepsi.

This one gets saved for future viewings.



Really nice work! Great characterisation, lighting and rendering. Bit cheeky blatantly using other brands as the old/moany people :twisted:

P.S. Richard, if you’re reading this, thansk a mill for the photoshop stuff, I’m still using some of those filters regularly :slight_smile:


I saw this on tv and was wondering who did it. Awesome job!:thumbsup:


simply awespiring! i may never look at a pepsi can the same way as i did before…(although i still prefer coke.)


Brilliant, haha, but coca cola in a pepsi advert :hmm:


yea, the rendering just perfect. very well done.


yup, i think i seen that on tv, or soemthing close to that on tv ad. was about 2 weeks ago.

very nice job. looks fun.

Maybe a bit funnie to see a another can try to jump of of the window and cant brake the window and falls back down. or maybe not hehe


Awesome, what we all aspire too! Congrates.



wow,this is realy good,nice piece of work.
the rendering and lightings are perfect,as usual :bowdown: :bowdown: :thumbsup:


Astonishing. Again !


very nice.


I didn’t want to write anything before watching the movie. Well, it’s just like I suspected: AWESOME!:buttrock: