Heres an update of my recent devil/demon character. Any suggestions before detailing? Maybe the horns could be swept back more or should I leave it ornate? Also when I get to the texturing stage I was planning on making him somewhat hairy. He’s still missing a cape and I havent applied the smooth filter to the mesh yet so its kinda blocky.
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Heres a view of the weird boots.


I don’t usually go for demon type characters…(it’s alot harder to make something look powerfull and beautifull at the same time, demons always seemed sorta cop outs-ie. Star Wars Myth (dark side easyer and faster, light side slower harder and more powerfull)) however this guy is very nice.

if you want a crit I’d like to see some type of medal or madallion on the strap going across his chest (in the middle of course)

Considering you pic that comes under your sig I didn’t expect this level of work…I’m pleasently suprisied. Good work!

‘sTiLl tRyinG to pluMmet to ThE COre.’


Very good modeling on that!BUt I wanna see a render, I hate screen shots.

Love the char, looks cool.I suggest u do NOT over dress him with armour, that would totally KILL him, I suggest some cool hand weapons


Yeah the medallion is a nifty idea, will do. I wont add any new armor just a cloak of some kind, as far as weapons I may develop a magic sword or staff, also his “stump hand” can be used for battle purposes. I’m noticing a trend of artists being apologetic for creating their interpretations of popular subjects such as human heads, dragons, ogres, cars, whatever. This shouldnt be. A demon may be a cop-out to many, but thankfully not to all. I will still continue to post my characters, I really value everyones suggestions, Thanks.


I really like your Demon!!! I think the head is really the best part.
You might not give him hair but more a greenish, grey reptile looking skin, because if your put in hair you make it to human…:frowning:
Nice modeling by the way!


Sangotten, glad you think this character came out ok. I was juggling between choosing reddish, or grey for the skintone, green works too. As for making him hairy I probably wont since It may be too much of a hassle to use fur and animate at the same time. Chest hairs and flowing locs would have been cool though, thanks for helping me out.
BTW, I really liked your “Viking of Lagnar” sketch and the Lucifer painting.

this is the base texture minus wrinkles and blood vessels under the eyes. The grey one looks like a black+white render.


While i was testing colors I tried blue for the dragonman.



Gotta dig the see-through dress. Why don’t we see more of those around town!?


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