Diamonds Color, Francesco Baldi (3D)


Title: Diamonds Color
Name: Francesco Baldi
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max

This render has been realized in 3d studio max 7 and rendered by maxwell render.
diamonds are models in Maya and imports to max in .obj
The image was done to 1600 pixels and then reduced to 1024 to delete the noise,

render in 13 hours and 19 sampling levels on dual xeon 3200.
hope u like!

Francesco Baldi


really nice ! great material :wink:


Nice materials, but i think the caustics would have looked better on a non-reflective surface.


thank you! :slight_smile:

thanks of the suggestion the next time I will be more careful!:):slight_smile:


Very nice render! Whats happening with the purple and green diamonds in the background? They have an unusual blur on them.


there is a DOF a lot emphasized and the camera has a focal range very narrow!


Good work Francesco, nice render!! keep on rocking mate!!:thumbsup:



grazie Alex fai il bravo eh :smiley:


I like this, I love shiny sparkling things :slight_smile: well done…
me too would like to see it without the shiny “floor”… think it would bring out the diamonds more…


et voilà…


3 hours , 19 level


Im new here just trying to know some ppl, and also trying to find out what is the easy software for a beginner like to do 3d design, I have work with ADOBE AE, Photoshop, ADOBE Premier pro. but havent actually deal with a 3d software, I need an easy 1 I can learn stuff fast and still do decent project. I got already the script for a movie Im making but I would like to c it in 3D before I use real ppl. I appreciated any info u guys can give me.

~Turn your Sadness in to Ki…~


great job francesco, i am looking for a way to render such this scene by vray,but its so hard.u made it perfect.


thank you very much !
i used vray but i’ve changed to maxwell because it represents the future (in my opinion) :slight_smile:
I hope that you will succeed to do what u want with vray :slight_smile:


ppl means pipe line?
I use maya, 3dmax.I can suggest u 3dmax because I think it’s the easiest of the three.anyway if ur goal is the design I think there are softwares more suitable.


Thx for the info. Ill try it I hope is cheap. :wink:


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