Diamant UV 1.0 Beta: The first fully integrated Automatic UV solution for Maya!


Hi all,
I have created a plugin for Maya that is going into full beta testing extremely soon. I wanted to post the info here and get people’s feedback in terms of how useful you would find a product like this. If anybody is interested in beta testing please go to tool3d.com and register in the forum and ask to be a part of the beta. You can also email me as well.

Here is some information about Diamant UV 1.0 Beta:

Diamant Uv is a fully functional and fully integrated Automatic Uv mapper and editor for Maya. Diamant Uv was built for production and ease of use. Because of this, it features a multitude of tools to help get around most of the tedious workflow’s that users are accustomed to. Diamant Uv has been tested in some of the top Game studio’s in the world. It was built with production in mind and should finally make Uving a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

•Multiple Object Support: You can unwrap and mark multiple objects at once

•Lossless workflow: Never again worry about losing your marked edges if you have to shut down the scene in the middle of working. Everything is stored on the object in the scene and will be there the next time you open the file from exactly where you left off.

•Super Selection Context: Selection has never been made easier then this super selection tool. Easily select and mark edges in a fraction of the time it would take with normal methods. Super selection is even versatile enough to be used with every day maya selections. It makes life easier!

•Soft Selection Context: A soft selection tool that acts a little different than other soft selection tools out there. Full control over intensity, focal shifts, and smoothing with intensity in one tool. Soft selection also works based off of topology instead of radius which makes editing uv’s that have overlaps extremely easy. Move, rotate, scale, and smooth all within one quick and easy context.

•Tangent based Symmetry Selection: Create symmetry so you only have to mark one half and Diamant Uv will automatically select the other half while selecting. Since the symmetry is based off of tangents you can have asymmetry in your model as long as topologically it is symmetrical. Example: you can pose your characters now before you actually uv them. Selection will still happen on both sides.

•Tangent based UV Mirroring: Mirror your uv’s across to the other side based off of its tangent symmetry. Again, you can now pose a character, concentrate on one half of the uv’s, and mirror them to the other side as long as the model is topologically symmetrical. (not available in Beta 1.0)

•Custom UV file format: You can now save out your Uv’s to a custom file format and import them back on any uv set. Examples of Usefulness: If you need to transfer an object that has one uv set on it to the same object that has two uv sets. With Maya’s transferring methods it will overwrite and get rid of the second uv set on the object you want to transfer too. Now you can save out the uv set, and apply it to the other objects first or second uv set without disturbing the other. You can also only import selected polygon uv’s. For example, if you saved out uv’s of a character, then wanted to mess around with uv’s, you can later just import, for instance, the hand uv’s back on if you weren’t happy with the hand edits without disturbing the rest of the edits you’ve made. Previewing of the Uv file is also available without the need of the object in the scene. This is good for trying to figure out which file is the right file.

•Maya UV Editing tools: A series of extremely useful positioning tools for the Maya Uv editor.

•Custom UV Editor: This Uv editor differs from Maya’s Uv editor yet works seamlessly together. Move something in RD UV Editor and the changes will immediately propagate to Maya’s UV editor. The same goes for the inverse. RD UV Editor features color representation of uv’s to immediately recognize warped areas. The soft selection tool also works hand in hand with this editor to make modifying uv’s simple and fast.

•Ability to store Morph Targets: You can now store a morph target per object and restore it at the touch of a button. This is extremely useful if edges are hidden or crammed together while trying to mark. Just save a morph target, use the soft selection tool, smooth the mesh to show all the edges, mark the edges, and morph back to the original position. All information, again, is store on the object in the scene. This means you will not lose any information if you have to exit the scene mid work. The stored morph is there to get back whenever you need until it is either deleted or overwritten.

•Topology Transfer: Point order is no longer a problem! You now have the ability to transfer UV information or point position between two or more objects that have the same topology but different vertex order.


Uving a character in 5 minutes. Shows a lot of the features of Diamant UV 1.0 Beta


Transfering Topology: Point order is no longer a problem!


Transfer topology 2


Transfer topology 3


Transfer topology 4:


Custom UV File format .ruv


Pinning of UVs:


Storing Morph information:


For all information and discussions, go to tools3d.com.

Hope you guys are as excited about this as I am! Looking forward to your comments!



Hey Rich,

Dude, this sounds totally awesome. I wanna try this stuff NOW! Definitely sounds amazingly useful.

You really wrote all of this stuff on your own?


I’ll give it a whirl. What versions of Maya are supported?


Sounds great! I’ll check out your site!


This looks very promising! I must say that those demos, and your uv-editor seems very nice. Especially the smoothing-tools nad the color feedback on problem-areas. Nice too see this in maya!

One thing though.

Lossless workflow: Never again worry about losing your marked edges if you have to shut down the scene in the middle of working. Everything is stored on the object in the scene and will be there the next time you open the file from exactly where you left off.

When one is done with say doing uv’s in the scene, will your plugin clean up the scene? Or is it required to obj exp (or ect.) to get rid of this data in the scene? There is nothing more fustrating than exess unknown nodes filling up a scene-file.


This Uv plug sounds extremely promising.
I’d really like to betatest it, too.



I too like to do beta testing but plz tell me are you going to make this plugin PAID…


this looks totally awesome.


If you don’t mind, I will latch onto this thread, too.

Neat tools!


Very very very cool. I want my little hands on this toy:) When and where??


Cool, very well integrated…


This looks like a great tool!
I think this would be incredibly useful and have a large market of people interested in using it as well.


heheh … i knew that this thing would make a big splash !!
rich … ya da man


neat features dude… i also want to try it out …


Hi all! Thanks for the great response so far…

ThomasMahler - yup! I wrote it all on my own over the last year or so while learning c++. I had help from Judd Simantov and Carlos gonzalas from Naughty Dog with learning the api and programming in general. Its nice to have people who know everything sitting accross from you at work when you run into problems :slight_smile:

This tool has been in the works for a long time. I’m really happy the way it all came together and that it finally has the chance to get out to the public.

On a support side… right now i have compiled the plugin for Maya 8.5 and 2008. 32 bit only. sorry… no 64bit support yet… or mac, or linux… I should probably be able to get 64bit up and running in the future… but probably not for the beta…

All the tools are hand written in the code… because of this, it should support versions of Maya going way back… The earliest version however that I have tested it on is Maya 7.0… If people require this for an earlier version before 8.5, I can compile it for them… shouldn’t be a problem. I probably wont go before 7.0 however.

kabojnk- Hopefully this is enough support for now… I’m not too familiar with linux or mac to complile for those… maybe in the future dependent on the demand.

aghill - “When one is done with say doing uv’s in the scene, will your plugin clean up the scene? Or is it required to obj exp (or ect.) to get rid of this data in the scene? There is nothing more fustrating than exess unknown nodes filling up a scene-file.”

Yes and no. A node gets created when opening the custom uv editor. If you save the scene with the editor open, the node is stored in the scene… the next time you open the scene, then open the editor again, then close the editor, the nodes get deleted… make sense?

Whenever you load an object a node also gets created. If you save the scene with an object loaded, the node is stored in the file. However, when you open the scene again, the object will already be loaded… so unloading the object will delete the node from the scene.

Also, all the uv, edge, and morph information is stored on the objects themselves… so there will be extra information on the object completely hidden from the user. However, in the menu, under edit, there are options to delete all the information individually… So really the plugin doesn’t create that much extra garbage and all of it can be deleted through the menu with a click of a button.

This is kind of the power though of the lossless workflow… you can stop and save at any point and all your information is there… then open the scene and continue from where you left off. Then get rid of anything it might create. For the most part, the only thing you’ll ever need to do is to delete the stored edge, symmetry, or morph information… which is in the menu…

hope this clears things up! trust me… i wouldn’t want to have to export every time to clear a scene. I really tried to make this tool as production friendly as possible. Hopefully there shouldn’t be any real frustrations…

vikasumit - by paid do you mean will it cost money? I’m hoping the anwser to that is yes… this is why I wanted to see how interested the community is. If everyone really likes the product and would be willing to pay for it. then sure, i’d love to do that.

ok… so the when and where question… Technically everything is pretty much ready to go for the beta… People at work have been testing it out for a little while now… I’ll have to get them to come on and post thier thoughts… The thing I need to do now is to write a little protection sceme… this shouldn’t take too long. i’ll probably try to get that done this weekend and hopefully have it up and running by next week…

I’ll let everyone on here know when its out… the file will be available on tools3d.com and all discussion will be done through the forums there… I’ll also set up some proper threads for commenting etc… for now… just post in the general discussion if you guys would like to be apart of it… I’m pretty sure I set it up so you just need to register in order to view the general discussions… i think :slight_smile: The website is pretty lame I know… I dont really have time to design that as well… sorry :slight_smile:

Any other questions feel free to ask!

christophe - thanks for the support brotha!



Hey Rich,

This is pretty impressive! Never mind that you’re a character artist!
Could you share with us how you went about learning C++?
That’s one of the things on my to-do list :slight_smile:


Wow! I so want to try this out! Unfortunately, I’m on 64-bit. :sad: Oh well, I’ll keep an eye on this thread. :slight_smile:


Hey this is really phenomenal! Well done Rich!!!

You could have just turned uv mapping into something fun! :slight_smile:

I’d love to ask how you made that custom UV editor? Is it using the MPxSurfaceShapeUI class?

Thanks :slight_smile:




Any chances to have it for Iinux some day? Do you need help to compile it in Linux?



Dude, it’s so rare to see an artist who also writes code - I know my head isn’t big enough to keep all this in mind, so I’m really inspired by that. Especially since I really liked the work you did on Drake - and now this, that’s kinda freaking incredibe.

I want 64bit!