Diamant Modeling Tools Alpha 1.0 (Formally Diamant UV) release!


Hi everyone,
It has been a long time since there was an update to Diamant UV tools and I am pleased to finally announce the release of the Alpha version of Diamant Modeling Tools 1.0 for Maya 2011 and 2012 x64.

This is a full rewrite of what was in the past called Diamant UV. I have renamed this tool to Diamant Modeling Tool since it has evolved into so much more than just an automatic UV tool.

If you have or have not used Diamant UV in the past, you need to try this new version out! Every aspect has been vastly improved in terms of functionality, speed, and stability. I am very proud to finally get this version out to the public. It really has been years of my free time in the making.

Diamant Modeling Tool is a fully integrated Automatic UV mapper and Editor for Maya as well as a suite of Custom Modeling Tools made specifically for production use. It is currently used at some of the top video game studios in the world including Naughty Dog, Blizzard Entertainment, and various other Sony studios worldwide.

Specific features include:

Custom Selection Brushes for UV Edge and Ancor Marking

Automatic UV Mapping

Custom UV Editor with color distortion

Maya UV Editing Tools

UV Ratio

Symmetrical Brush based Modeling Tools

Custom Retopology Tools

Mesh sliding

Mudbox/Zbrush style Brushes

Topology Point Transfer

More to come in the future!

Currently the proper website for this tool is not online so I have posted a temporary site with information on my main webpage. You can find the download link as well as movies which show off some of the features. More movies will be coming soon going into specific details per tool.

Please check out the help section as well. There is a ton of information which talks about workflows and usage. This will really help understand how to get the most out of the tool. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Currently there is only a Maya 2011 and 2012 x64 version for Windows. In the future I will provide 32 bit versions.




This seems pretty awesome. First I have heard of this product. Anything that makes uv mapping easier is great. Some of the modelling and selection tools are ace also. Great job!


this is pure awesomeness!! lots of tools that were missing in maya, finally a quad draw and some good retopo tool, and the uv’s editor is fantastic, it’s like christmas for mays users…big plus is an real help file.
i’m going to test everything right away, my day is booked!!

Can’t thank you enough for the effort!
thanks so much for leting us play with those life saving tools!



Awesome! Downloading it now to give it a try.


Amazing dude, really good set of tools. The brushes are perfect to work faster.

Thanks, thanks!


Used the older version and it saved my @$$ a few times. Thanks!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Looks good!


great work richard !! and thank for sharing (again :smiley: ) this tool !


I watched the movies , and the Diamant Modeling Tools seems fantastic
I installed the version of Maya2012 ,but I got this Warning…any help!

// Warning: file: C:\Users\Rabie’sArt\Documents\maya\2012-x64\prefs\scriptEditorTemp\rd_modeling_tool_ui.mel line 2309: fopen: unable to open file “C:\Users\Rabie’sArt\Documents\maya\2012-x64\prefs\scriptEditorTemp\rd_modeling_tool_ui.mel\data\main.cfg” for mode “w”. //


thanks… awsome work…


Works like charm.
Uv tools are great, but I really, really like the brush tool.

One thing though, it would be nice to have an option to use it without internet connection, since in studios very often, there’s no internet on workstations.


Sweet tools! Thank you very much for sharing them with the public.
Btw, where’s the help section you are mentioning? Do you mean on the temp site or within the tools?



the help is in the archive file.


Awesome! I remember using the old one and worked great … any chance to see a OSX version?


This is amazing and very generous, thanks! I am curious as to why there is an internet connection required though?


Nice! I used the older version on maya 2009 from your forum some time back and I loved it.
Thought it was lost forever and wouldn’t be updated, you just made my day sir! :bounce:

Edit: I have only tried some of the new features and I’m sold. This should be included as a standard toolset for maya.


Awesome stuff rigid! Congrats man.

I’ve used versions of this tool for years now (through working with Rich) and it’s literally impossible for me to work without now. I highly highly recommend it!


Will this be free tool when released?




Yes, Awesome indeed!
Heya Judd!