dialogue animation.. critique needed


hi guys,
heres a little animation i created using dialogue that comes for free with 3dsmax tutorials. Please critique. Would like some coments especially on the poses…




It seems the arms go straight up and the joint flips halfway through the move. It’ll look better if you have an arc to the arm raise. nothing travels in a straight line.

good start man.


hi there,
thanks for the crit… will add more curve on the hands and upload again day after tomorrow…
here are some more anims i did… please check them out and crit…


thanks for the time.


no replies!! wheres every one?



hi jnaneswar,
about your runwithsoftbodies -
around the 9-10th frame the landing is not right…it looks snappy too.
he does not seem to be going forward with thrust.

about joeysSneak -
looks to be in the blocking stage.
look closely at the first pose. weight is not properly distributed. arcs not there too. follow richard williams book strictly. joey’s rig should be able to get them all. poses look more like he is struggling with weight (something heavy i mean to say ). your character must look balanced at key poses.
for more serious crits post ur anims with more than one angle in the same video.

run42 - looks fine. unless you want more overlap with the head to the body.

walkwithsquash - maybe with more up-down movement and slower tempo will give you more options for squash and stretch.

cud not play these files - imnot, gemsdivx, nature,

like they say…
my 2 paises.

partyHard, animateHarder

so where u workin now pal…?


hi andy max…

thanks for the 2 paise… its more than a rupee for me ;)… i will work on those… and i bought my own personal richard williams… will work with all the excersizes and keep posting…

the three that you couldnt play are with divx… u have the latest? just donwloaded them on to my friends sys and checked… they are playing well…

About work: used to work at jadoo. left it for some family reasons…need to stay in hyd… lookin for a place in hyd… just finished a test with this place www.greengoldanimation.com . very confident of getting in…got an interview at dq… got to see how it goes.

by the way…where are you working?

chal see you…
got to animate my new samurai ikjoe…


hi dudes,
i need to check with my divx.
Good luck with your interview and keep in touch.


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