Dialog box buttons for importing files


I’m trying to make a dialogue box in Maya. in which i have different lighting setups made ready. So what i’m trying to create is that, when i press a button in that dialog box the certain type of lighting file will be imported into my scene. this way i can make my production even faster.
the below is my layout and arrangement as of now.
please help
window -title “Light Setup” -w 1000 -h 1000 “Light Setup”;

           formLayout -bgc 0.1 0.1 0.1 -numberOfDivisions 500 myForm;
      button -label "Product1" -w 100 -h 60  myBtn1;
      button -label "Product2" -w 100 -h 60 myBtn2;
      button -label "Product3" -w 100 -h 60 myBtn3;
      button -label "Product4" -w 100 -h 60 myBtn4;
      text -label "Select Your Product" -w 200 -h 200 txt1;
  formLayout -edit
      -attachForm txt1 "right" 50
      -attachForm txt1 "top" 50
      -attachForm txt1 "left" 50
      -attachForm txt1 "bottom" 50
      -attachForm myBtn1 "top" 40
      -attachForm myBtn1 "right" 40
      -attachForm myBtn2 "bottom" 40
      -attachForm myBtn2 "left" 40
      -attachForm myBtn3 "top" 40
      -attachForm myBtn3 "left" 40
      -attachForm myBtn4 "bottom" 40
      -attachForm myBtn4 "right" 40