Diablo 3 Black Soulstone Cinematic : Blizzcon 2011




I’m speechless…


Indeed, that’s just ****** fantastic! very well done and wow is pretty much all i can say after watching it. :slight_smile:

/ Magnus


just take my money already. :deal:


Thumbs up for villains explaining their strategy :thumbsup:
But the cg omg, just stunning!


For all these years, people kept saying how amazing the Blizzard Animation were. And i could never understand why, Human are… never really human, or they tend to hide details. While i admit their effects were very good, characters ( Which i consider to be the most important part ) were … not what i expected…

But this is the first i think their animation is truly amazing…( Humans characters still needs a little work though )


That was pretty sick. Anyone know what renderer they used? The skin on the girl was pretty close to flawless. I’ve heard alot of conflicting opinions regarding the upcoming Diablo III, but it’s hard to not be totally sucked in by that cinematic.

That monster was pretty sick too. What’s with the double pierced nipples though? Rebellious, misspent youth?

EDIT: It was renderman according to the blizzcon “Making of Black Soulstone” panel video.


They’ve been using PRMan for years, they’ve switched after the SC2 announcement cinematic.


Not sure if the realism was dialed back a little bit to match the rest of the cg world.
The creases on the eyelids and fingers are a bit too much, and her face looks a tad “waxy” but other than that its still pretty damn awesome.

Congrats Blizzard!


I remember being blow away by the cinematics (I was in middle school at the time and not even really aware of how cg worked) when starcraft was released, and then ever more blown away when diablo 2 was released. Looking at them now of course they’re not as impressive as they once were, but the games were released in 1998 and 2000 respectively. I dont think anyone was even approaching realistic cg humans at that time. Both polar express and beowulf were massive failed attempts at this and they were released 5 to 7 years later, no to mentioned accompanied by a multi million dollar film budget.

Maybe it because I was so un-knowledgeable at the time, but blizzard impressed the hell out of me back then and still do today.


I’ve been pretty impressed by Blizzard’s work too, but let’s not forget about this movie released in 2001, Final Fantasy - the spirits within. Sure, the facial animation wasn’t as impressive as what we’re seeing now, but there was this little thing:

I still remember how everyone was completely awestruck by this image. It could still be posted in the 3D stills gallery today.
Then we’ve met Gollum in 2002.

Still, it’s amazing to see that a video game gets 27 minutes of cinematics that can match or even surpass the production values of big budget movies.


The visuals blew me away, but I gotta admit it would have been more enjoyable if no one would have speaked. Listening to the villian spouting lines like “you thought you had defeated me, but you were WRONG!” kinda spoiled the mood a bit. :slight_smile:
Regardless, I’ll watch it about 100 more times and buy the game when it comes out, so I guess it did it’s job decently enough…


I found also the 1 hour Blizzcon making off presentation. Though it is tailored more to the outsiders, gamers etc… and not to us, the guys actually doing this job. But fun to watch if anyone is interested.



To be fair, would they really make a video tailored more for graphics artists?..I understand logistics and company structure is just as important in the effective and efficient creation of these cinematics, but it seems like it’d be inviting the competition to be more aware of their processes…


Looks amazing, and I’d love to be on a team that worked on that. And by all means I’m not putting it down at all, but I’d rather have a stylized approach. Maybe like Joe Madureira’s artwork in ‘Darksiders’.

I feel like the cinematics and game graphics are so different, it almost takes you away from the story. Of course most games are like this and that opens up another discussion. I’m basically just going off of my opinion, that’s all. :wink:
I’m still a fan, as I’ve been playing them since ‘Lost Vikings’ days. Good ole Blizzard and their long release dates.


I think that many people missing the Blizzard intentions in the graphic design of their cinematics.
They are not aiming for realism, but artistic mood.
It’s like criticizing Rembrandt for not being realistic enough, and ignoring all the perfect color schemes he made. Imho, Blizzard could do easily “film look” style animation (even if you take their current animation and just desaturate them a bit, add some camera defect effects (like chromatic aberation), you can get a more “realistic look”), but is that going to make cinematic nicer, or more atmospheric? I don’t think so.
I adore Blizzard because you can stop their animation in almost any frame you want and you’ll get the “still image” that is good enough to be on a CG gallery. I also adore them because they are very knowledgeable about directing the movies (always creating suspense, mistery, relief… (not just “BAM, BENG, TRASH…” like Blur, and some other studio does).

As for this cinematic, I’ve watched it a few times, and I think that I like more the first Diablo 3 cinematic trailer. I miss something here, and I don’t know what. Maybe some better ending (they were always surprising factor in their cinematic (you think that it is end, and they show some really cool stuff after the “curtain goes down”, but now they miss that), or maybe less character (Deamon) talk, and more “visual talk”. I think I don’t even like the choice for the Demon design.
After I watch it 10+ more time, maybe I’ll say something more concrete. :slight_smile:


To me is a visually astonishing work, especially on the side of lighting/shading and color scheme which i liked very much, as well as vfx for smoke and fog.
I also like design of demons even if not so much the main one, but others which seem minor, stand up big times !

It is stylized reality rather than an aim for complete photoreal, differently from Final Fantasy which at the time was aiming for complete photoreal obtaining great results visually but failed in animation of characters and facial expressions (now, with performance capture, it would be a totallly different result)

But i think Blizzard could actually make a movie on their own with no real problem at least from a visual standpoint.
I’d like very much to see such a movie in theatres, completely CG, but maybe directed from a good movie director with a strong story and well developed characters. (no beawolf heheh)

This work has all things required for a great cinematic. Congrats to Blizzard !


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