Di-O-Matic Plugins / Lip Sync


Hi all,

Just wondering does anyone use any Di-O-Matic plugins, e.g Voice-O-Matic in particular, or are there any more common Lip-Syncing plugins.

Their website and feeds don’t seem to have been updated in awhile.



I have used di-o-matic lip sync a few years ago, I thought it was pretty cool. You have to tweak the settings a bit to start to get it looking natural. I don’t do much lip sync anymore so I’m not sure what better plugins are available now.


Not sure they are a ‘viable’ company any-more ! I was sold Maskrad by them - which a couple of months they ditched. Wouldn’t mind but I was going to buy the standard and got talked into buying the batch version because they’d discount it etc…never heard from them again and there upgrade policy sucks. If there’s an alternative I’d look there.


Thats terrible man, not a cheap mistake, did you get your $$ back??! I guess yes I will find a solution elsewhere, I have their character tools suite but needed the latest version, if there even is one. Yes have sent them an email but no reply.

Wonder what happened, the seemed like good tools.


Did you get any answer from them ?
I’m using Voice-o-matic, send them a request 3 weeks ago, and no answer.

Does someone found an easy alternative to Voice-o-matic to make lip-sync in 3DS Max ?

I’m looking for something easy to use, and quick to setup because I work on small budgets and have no need to go deep in details.