dHALSIm, majid ismaeily (3D)


Title: dHALSIm
Name: majid ismaeily
Country: Iran
Software: Maya, ZBrush

my recent work dHALSIm character from StreetFighter, and my first try with ZBrush 3.5r2


Nice modeling Majid.


Great style!


ziggwies…thank you !
jett12…thank you !

here is some more shots…
basic texture painting is done via projection and then blended with a basic polypaint in photoshop…then back to Zbrush and convert it to polypaint again for final adjusts…


The modeling and skin texturing is great, but the thing that’s letting this image down right now is the cloth texture. I think if you were to work on that a bit more so that it doesn’t look so flat and plastic and actually more like cloth it would improve the overall image no end.


love the form and silouhouette you’ve got with the hands and feet, the posing is also a success in expressing a nice gesture. I agree with the comment made about the cloth, if you could put more texture and make it feel more like cloth by changing the shader it would really complement the model that much more.


WOW… great model ! nice style :buttrock:

I think cloth to adjust of more. to more make the grasped cloth to the body (close to the body) where he has contact.


Super cool style man. Exaggerated in the right places and the face expression is priceless.

Love it


this is really a wonderful job.very nice drawing and presentation…


congrats for the frontpage plugg majid…
u deserved that


x-lant modling i like it the color but jest change the backgruond ok

good luck 4 ever :thumbsup:


Dear Majid .
very good modeling and sculpting .
i like this style . very perfect .


Faaaantastic !!!
As per-anders said the cloth can be taken further.
besides that “He gonna drive the wimmin waaiyhld” :twisted:



hell yeah.
the posture and energy is amazing :thumbsup:


scary piece … but awesome.
keep it up.


excellent work buddy. and i wonder why only few replies. *****


The red cloth needs more texture to make it look less like plastic. I feel also the level of work here deserves a better background :slight_smile: But the modeling is brilliant, really top quality. Certainly deserving of the front page plug.

And thanks for posting your process!


Well done on the front page Majid! Very well deserved! Awesome model :applause:


Fantastic modelling majid, any plans to do any other sf chars?


This is a great rendition of Dhalsim. The modeling and sculpt is on fire and the render came out awsome. Awesome yoga pose too.