DH Bike: 05 Intense M3


Hey guys, new wip of the new Intense M3which is an absolute beast. The model with eventually be (hopefully) a quick animation which will be a bit of challenge. Anway heres what ive done so far, its not alot but its a start.

As always C&C welcome, Tell me what you think.



i don’t know what to say…

What part of bike is that? Can you show us reference?


Yeah i thought that would be the case at the moment. Heres the reference. Should become more clear as i add detail and the rear suspension part of the frame.

Updates very soon


cool idea to model a Downhill Bike! I also thought about a Mountainbike Model but was a bit deterred because of all the mechanics like chain and derailleur and such. I’m very curious how you will do this!


Yeah that was the exact reason i chose to model it, so many details and i thought it’d be a great test of my skills, and i have no idea how im gonna pull it of but im gonna give it a bloody good shot. it also gives me an oppurtunity to model an outdoor forest environmnet when i make the trail for the final animation/still, as well as it not being a thing you see aroud much as the detailed mecahins of a bike dettering alot of people.


Just started a little bit of work on the rear shock, here what ive got so far.



fantastic idea! and the realisation seems to become very nice!! i love intense bikes… btw: do you now which of the instense bikes replaced the “Tracer”? is it the 5.5 or the spider? :slight_smile:

go ahead! want to see more… :slight_smile:



Hmmm im pretty sure that the Spider replaced it. Very nice bikes, but they dont come cheap.


Hye all, sorry updates been slow, screwed my arm the other day funnily enough when i came unstuck downhilling :rolleyes:. Should be getting X-Rays within the next coupl of days, hopefully its not broken, but that hasnt stopped me from modelling, just slowed me down a little. Anyway heres waht ive done. Finished off the final detials of the Rear Shock and did a render to test some of the bumps, tell me what you think and dont be afraid of being picky. If you want to have a look at the reference click here



Also just a small update of the frame, fixed up a few things and added a couple of welds. More updates soon


Been doing a little bit of work on that rear part of the frame and its sort of starting to come together now. Looking at what ive sitll got to do is very daunting but im getting there. goin to work on finishing the pivots and stuff of the rear shock then moving onto cables ect. Morr updates soon, but for now i think im off to bed, im stuffed.



yes, man thats the problem of awsome bikes, they are nearly unpayable G …your model becomes very nice!!! i love it by now! …i hope you injured yourself not too heavy (i think modelling is difficult with a cast on the arm :wink: ) …get well soon!



really nice man, keep it up
I like that suspension


Im pretty sure its not broken but i wont be riding for a week or so, oh well gives me time to wait for my new forks to arrive, and to get some work done on this beast. Got a bit of homework to do but i should have some updates later this afternoon.



Hey Chalkie, looking very cool, I’m a MTB head myself:D, what are you modelling this with btw?




Hahah yeah i love it can get enough of it, im modelling using Lightwave 7.


wire me!..gj


Here you go,


looking better and better :slight_smile: …a bit too many polys on the damper bar? (is that the right name?G - the tube in the middle, where the damper is attached :wink: ) GGG well, its difficult do see the details cuz of the wire, but doesnt matter… :wink: go ahead!!


some day i`ll make some Rocky Mountain bike :banghead:
some day…

GL with Your work :thumbsup: