DFX+ Tuts


For all those of you considering the DFX+/LW8 upgrade, I’m looking to get a feel for the demand for some tutorials…

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I would like a tutorial on how to sell my DFX+ that comes with the LW upgrade.
My attempts at Ebay aren’t working.
I’m open to suggestions.

Thanks :slight_smile:


What do you dont like about DFX+ ???



That it doesn’t work on my Mac


hehe why didnt you wait for the regular 8 upgrade ? … and for what prize do you wanna pay your dfx+ :drool: ?



I’m not sure I understand your question EE.

  1. I was going to upgrade anyway
  2. It’s either $500 now plus this DFX+ or $500 later.

So I thought, “What the hell?”. I guess I also wanted to prove a point since Chuck baker made it sound like it would be SOOO easy to just sell it. wel, maybe it is and I just don’t know the best way to do it - I need a tutorial :smiley:


you dont need a tutorial you only need to make me a good prize for the dfx+ :slight_smile:



Not meaning to tread on Jay’s toes. I think it’s a great idea. Fusion lacks some 3d tutes.

For those looking for help you can join the free fusion mailing list which is absolutely awesome and full of professional advice. A link to it is available at Eyeon’s site.



It’s a shame they don’t find out first if it’s a mac user they’re sending it to. Seems a waste to send them out to people who can’t use it. They could have sent them out to academic licence holders who do have a PC instead. :cry:


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