DF vs EDLs


Hey all, ok, so we all know that DF can import EDLs, but it only supports de DPS product for capturing and outputing.

Heres my question:

We have a Digisuite FULL with dual Xeon, 2 gigs of Ram, etc…

DF does not support Digisuite capturing, so what i have to do is import and capture my EDLs into SpeedRazor and then export an EDL of the captured footage.

But when coming back to DF to import that EDL, DF asks where are the captured clips…but SpeedRazor names the clips a different way then into the EDL, clips are not even the same lenght…!!!

So is there anyone who knows a trick to Export a clean EDL from SpeedRazor to DF.

For now im using the CMX-3600 format.

I want to keep the EDL properties but change the name of the clips so that is work when telling the Clips location in DF.

Thank you



No one can help me with this!!!???:eek:




Actually DF doesn’t even really support any “modern” dps product for capture. It was written for the old perception and hollywood cards. Since DPS reality has been shipping it included a far more robust capture application than DF would ever support. (ie batch capture)

As far as the clips from SR to DF go, it sounds more like an issue with SR. See if you can find a forum for that application.

It might be possible to use the “replace clips” script in this thread,


but it won’t fix the length issues.


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