Dezkin Entry


Just started blocking out the colors of how its going to go. Here it is so far! I’m still toying around with the skin tone coloring…

(I’m loving this program)


I was having some technical difficulties, so I had to restart this. It’s going to be more awesome this time! I’m creating this piece by piece, so here are the boots!


and both together!


Moving along now that I’m getting acclimated!


Been working on the shorts and the cape. Should be finishing up the clothes this weekend!


Here is where is heading… i have to be careful to not make it too dirty and over the top.


If anyone reading this has feedback or advice, I’d love to hear it! I’m pretty new to cgtalk so Im not too sure how it works with the forum. Thanks guys!


Looking good. I’d breakup the dirt on the shirt collar a little more.



The boots look cool, but I would maybe have a look at matching the flow of the weave a little better to the geometry. It feels like the weave is a bit to straight with respect to the shape of the boot.



Thanks for the feedback guys. I am working on implementing the directions of the cloth on the shoes, and I did break up the dirt on the shirt more.

Here is some progress on the knee pad.


Put some worn runes on the leg straps and rather like how they are turning out.


So some peers didn’t like the green boots so I’ve made them brown and added some stitching.


Feeling a little behind, but I’m going to plow through this this week and it’ll be epic!

I have been looking at the other threads and I am super inspired by looking at everyone else’s work. Since this is my first forum ever, I am honored to be doing this contest with you guys and look forward to getting better and doing more in the future!


I love the runes. That’s an awesome subtle detail.


Slowly trudging along, deadline soon approaches!


I agree! just the sort of stuff I was hoping for. Keep it up.



Got the wrist and up done, now need to finish the hand.


ok, finally getting going with the skin textures… i should be done with those by tomorrow (optimistically). Here’s my head texture!


and slightly closer up.


best of luck laura you doing good keep the :arteest: :thumbsup: