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 What is this all about?[/b]
 We're making a CG Short Film for the love of it as a hobby on the side of my day job. But it’s much more fun and creative if I can find some talented collaborators. So I’m posting this to see if there are any talented souls out there looking to get involved. Ideally I’m looking for people with some experience already, perhaps looking to diversify their skill set and portfolio. Or simply to act as a showcase for talents they know they have but have yet to have the opportunity to do working in a professional environment. You can see how the project is shaping up at [](, but I’m hoping that we can use this forum to help spread the word and show off the highlights as we go along. The target audience is the web surfer, it will look striking enough on almost every frame for most people to want to click on an image of it, while intriguing enough in its subject matter to keep people watching. Obviously it will be fired off to the festival circuit and I’ll knock on any other doors that are relevant (TV, Cinema, DVD, etc...) but the internet is our only guaranteed venue.
  [b]Who am I?[/b]
  My name is [Michael Cawood]( I’ve been an Animated Filmmaker since 1994, having worked on Animated Films, VFX Films, Commercials, Games and made numerous personal short films in my student days. You can check out my [LinkedIn]( profile and my [Filmography]( to get a flavour of my work. My last student film, Panda Pander picked up a few million viewings on one of the video portals. But having started as a 2D Animator, I’ve yet to make my own CG short film, and my film making skills have moved on a lot since then. I love making these things and I’ve done more than my fair share in the past but for the last nine years I’ve been focused on making other people’s projects. I enjoy the process in any capacity who ever it’s for, but I felt it was time to get back to making something for myself. I’ve never stopped writing stories or creating characters over that time but this project is compact enough to actually get made. I have most of the skills necessary myself to make this thing so I have no fear that it can be done. I’m only lacking the modelling and texturing skills to make a character models to my standards, so that’s the only minimum requirement of this endeavour. However we've already picked up a [team of contributers](
  [b]What do you get out of it?[/b]
  [i]Not paid:[/i] Don’t be fooled. There is almost no market for making money out of this. It’s too easy to watch a CG Short on a video portal for free, so why should anyone pay for it? So I’m not offering money. I could tell you that I’ll divvy up any proceeds should that happen (and I would), but you really shouldn’t be doing this for the cash. Personally I’m quite sure I’ll spend more on this than I’ll ever get back.
  [i]Credit:[/i] I have no particular need to sit back and say I did all of this, so I’m very happy to share the credit, where credit is due. I’ll deploy a similar system to the BBC, anyone that contributes over 10% in any given specialist area will be credited, most likely in order of contribution. I’ll also try to maintain a list of contributors on [my website]( during production, once they start having something to show.
  [i]Portfolio Material:[/i] This isn’t a secret project, as it unfolds you are welcome to use whatever you are contributing in your own portfolio to sell yourself to employers, as long as you are specific about what you’ve done. I’m relying on this to ensure a high quality of product.
  [i]Reference:[/i] I’m more than happy to write worthy contributors a good reference. For professionals, I’d heartily recommend adding this project to your LinkedIn profile (only once you actually start working on it) where I can recommend you and employers can verify the legitimacy of it. You can also seek recommendations from other people you’ve worked with on this project.
  [i]Promotion:[/i] I’ll happily cross link with strong contributors if they have websites they want people to see. Several contributers have already started to see the increase in traffic on their portflio websites... be wwarned that you have to be contributing to get the linkage though.
  [i]Contacts:[/i] Anything you do like this is a good way to make contacts in the business. You never know who you’ll be working with in the future. See some of the talent pool we've already gathered in our [members section](
  [b]How much of a commitment?[/b]
  Since I’m assuming people are doing this for their own portfolio, I would expect that most people will want to do a small number of contained parts of the project. If you’re an animator, it might be a few handpicked shots. If you’re a modeller it might be just a character. If you’re a concept artist it may be a handful of sketches. You get the idea. If there is someone out there willing to make the same broad level of commitment as I am, I’d welcome a partner but I’m not foolish enough to expect it. My only request is that whatever you want to get out of this, you at least make a commitment to yourself to complete it and to the best of your abilities, although no-one is going to come and burn down your house if life gets in the way and it’s not possible, just try to let me know and pass on what you have if it’s reasonable for someone else to finish it for you (although bear in mind most people would rather work on something they can clearly identify as their work).
  [b]What’s the film about?[/b]
  Mr. Cupid, Master Devil and a rather attractive young judge, jury and executioner in the form of Miss Death gather in the ‘After Life’ War Room to attend to their daily routine of manipulating our lives down on Earth with modern techniques that would put our iPod generation to shame. Each of them reluctantly compelled to play out their role in the game of life in order to maintain the balance. There's an unspoken attraction in the room as their true personalities are revealed to each other. Then someone gets a bright idea and re-purposes their high tech tools in a way that turns the tide of war and flips everything on its head.
  At the moment I’m not posting the full script/treatment to avoid direct copy cats, but that may change. I’ll reveal it to people that get in touch with me when it’s suitable. It’s still open to change at this time but it has settled into a decent story already, and it just needs a few talented eyeballs on it to really make it shine. But the goal is to keep it short and manageable.
  [b]What do you need to do?[/b]
  I want to make one thing clear. My standards are quite high, and although I hate to exclude anyone, I’d rather work with people that can prove in some way that they are up to the job so that we don’t end up wasting each other’s time. So get in touch either on this forum, through my website’s contact page and send me a link to your work (no attachments please, unless they’re only a few KB) or ideally in the public [recruitment section]( of the development forum. Make sure you’ve thought through what talents you want to offer and prove to me you’re capable (either visually or through a good explanation).
  [b]What does the project need?[/b]
  [b]Concept Artists[/b] (Colour Scripts)
  [b]3D Animators[/b] (Maya 2009, Reel must display a high skill level)

Layout Artists (Maya 2009, Industry experience required)
Animation Supervisor (Maya, Industry experience required)

  We already have a large number of animators lining up to get on board, but we'll advertise that position when we're ready for that, we need concept artists, tech heads and modlellers the most right now. I’ll post other specialist skills as and when it’s most appropriate, but as you can see at some stage in the project you can expect most animated film making skills to be of use. If you are interested and just want to discuss it please get in touch. If you have any quick questions of interest to everyone please use this forum thread.
  Thanks for reading... you'll probably want a rest now!


Wow, very cool I really hope you pull this off well you look like you have a decent base rolling already!! GL with you project it look promising.



It’s a great project to be a part of, I hope this gets more attention we could use all the help we can get. Mike is a great guy and is open to just about any suggestions to improve the short. The team we already have contributing as well is extremely talented. If anyone is interested, I would highly recommend they stop by and get more info.


Here’s a video introduction for all the newbies out there that want to know more.
It’s also available in larger HD here:


Some images from the assets we’re currently producing. If there are any talented concept artists out there we can still use your help… although it will be more like Illustration if you wait much longer! :slight_smile: At this point we’re facing a number of models that need texture artists to really finish them off, so if you fancy that task drop by the site and check us out at


Here’s the set and a few characters in a fly around video… most of these assets are actually a lot further along.


We’re posting new artwork and videos all the time but I thought I’d better provide a link to the latest animatic.


i’m project leader for , aganistanother (
as a short animation movie it’s a very nice concept , and nice idea , i like this team projects like these, if you don’t mind , could you send me your MSN IM , i have some questions , i’ll pm , but waiting a reply.

what can i say , good luck , god speed ,
maybe we’ll see you as siggraph 2010 , hope my team will finish by then


Our project has taken an interesting turn, in that we’re making a Musical now. We’ve teamed up with Singer Song Writer: Larissa Ness to help us write it and produce the music.

Here’s a few images from the forum. We’re currently looking for:

Storyboard Artists
Layout Artists
Texture Artists
Character Riggers
Technical Directors


Here’s a peak at the latest storyboard.

We’re currently looking for a few different skill sets including:
Storyboard Artists - (to do a more polished second pass)
Texture Artists for Characters
Character Riggers - to use Setup Machine and Face Machine on our lead characters, plus custom rigging for special case stuff on the characters.


Hi everyone. I just thought I’d post these images of our Devil character, he’s basically ready as a model and waiting for textures and some spot effects for his fantasy flame tail and hair. If there are any talented Maya Texture artists out there and/or a someone looking to do some creative character effects work we’d love to hear from you over at our development site:

We maintain a full list of positions and tasks along with our current progress on our Jobs tab.


Here’s an idea of what the textures on the Devil character could look like.


We’ve continued to gather speed, and we’re up to 66 members on our own little social network discussing and developing the film. Two of our riggers recently got jobs though and will be a bit too busy to do our character rigs. If there are any experienced riggers out there that would like to take on Devil or Death or help with other rigging challenges please check out our website and see what we’re up to. We’d love to hear from you.


I’ve posted a new animatic with lots of new work in Zone B and C. I’m including previs with the storyboards to help outline the cameras.

We have lots of progress being made for our Devil character, with the fire tail starting to look good thanks to Charles.

Our environmental effects are looking great thanks to Iskander.

Andy’s work on the Holographic Sphere is looking really cool too.


The character rigging has started. But we have three characters so we could still do with some more experience Character Riggers if anyone is interested. We also need a little character modeling work done, although we’re 90% there.


I just uploaded Episode 1 of our Podcast ‘Animation in Progress’. You can subscribe in iTunes or with any other RSS feed reader at:


Hi Michael

This is Rahul here,I am working and learning in cg animation industry from last 6 years.i would like to be a part of you short film.I do modeling,texturing,lighting,rendering and compositing,3d tracking.Please visit my site for my complete portfolio



We have lots of cool new work being done on the project all the time. Here’s a couple of cool videos:

The chair rigging:

The Hologram Sphere:

The rigging for the Cloud tail for Cupid:


We’re looking for some strong talented artists. Mostly Texture artists and Character Riggers.


We have a Facebook Fan page now. If you become a fan you’ll get regular updates in your home page feed, or you can just use it to follow our progress.

There’s also a new version of the animatic with lots of new storyboard panels:


I just did this cloud flyby render… what do you think?

We’re looking for riggers and texture artists for two of our characters if anyone is interested in getting involved.