Devil character, Michael van den Bosch (3D)


i like your devil so much!
cool design!:thumbsup:


excellent [size=2]and very funny !



Lovely, like to see this character dancing in your project.


Cool man! 4 stars:) ****


AMAZING! I like a style.


Nice. This character reminds me alot of Jack Nicholson!


Nice, *****


I like your style! excellent work! :thumbsup:


Lovely character :thumbsup:


hey buddy! since when?? i have’t check this section for couple of days and now boom, you just made it!

congradualations for finishing, and awarding. great great character as we both know from the begining. keep up the great work! let’s see the other two


so good!5 stars!


Love it ! Very expressive ! Good job :applause:


5 stars !..


I like your lovely monster and it is so Q ,Very good idea
by jeewu:thumbsup:


Excellent! You really made my day :slight_smile:


Want to see some DoA xtreme pole dance feturing kasumi, ayane, hitomi and kokoro??

Check out this video:




I know that this is probably getting very repetitive but NICE WORK:bowdown:


[jon lovitz] Get to know me! [/jon lovitz]

Great character work.


Great character! Nice work!


This is awesome! I really like the style in which he was modeled. I can’t help but think of Jack Black when i look at him.