Devil character, Michael van den Bosch (3D)


I think the chest hairs are funny. Did he just draw them on himself or are they supposed to be flat (I don’t think they work as well as actual hairs, but the idea of him drawing them on himself is pretty great)?


HAHA ! the character looks really cool ! nice job


think i saw this wip on

love it!


Really great work, awesome cgaracter. Conbgratulations. Could we see it in movement? That would be really incredible…


excellent, just excellent- the idea and the execution- bravo:)
5 stars from me


Nice character!!! :thumbsup:
I like it!! :slight_smile:


Excellent final piece. Congratulations! :thumbsup:


hahahaha i love it. for zbrush its very simple. but u make it life.


Very great character and nice colors!!! 5 stars from me.


Lovely creature :slight_smile: … 5*


Nice coloration and style. 4*'s


great *****


your all works are very great! :thumbsup: good done!


Very nice work, super character. :slight_smile:


Great expressive piece and neat design:thumbsup:



Dude this came out awsome. You really did a great job here.


ur 3d skills are just as good as ur 2d’s.awesome stuff michael,i like the design and the way u express him.:thumbsup:


very nice!


Beautiful lighting and color treatment. Love the clean and flowing design!


cool character,very nice