Devil character, Michael van den Bosch (3D)


Title: Devil character
Name: Michael van den Bosch
Country: Netherlands
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop, ZBrush

Created this character for a new project I’m working on. Modeled and rendered in Lightwave, the textures were done using ZBrush and Photoshop.


Great work man!! I just love it…

you really gave him a great personallity.


5 stars !

no comment !


Very nice!
Nice interpretation of your draws…

I love the mouth, and teeth.
The horns are funny too.
the double chin is a nice detail!

Perhaps you can detail more the texutre?

It reminds me slimmer from ghost busters. Love this kind of characters.


excellent ! very good style ! 5 stars for me.


LOL, just love this guy, the chest hairs, very funny.:thumbsup:


A new great character michael. impressive. i love the lighting.


Very nice character, i like a style.


Very great image… 5Stars…show animation…


HAHA that is so cool.

I really like that cartoony style!


Drop Dead Geourgeous :thumbsup:

That must be the cutest devil ever, great work.


Great toon style and character design 4 stars for U! :applause:


Michael!Great work!
I love this new character !It’s funny and nice detail!
It’s cool style!:thumbsup:


very sweet design, i can imagine this one in new pixar movie:thumbsup:


I so like your characters :bounce: … the lighting is not too flattering though…


Another great creation, Michael! …great design.:scream:

And I agree with Snows - the chest hair is a wonderful touch!


great work !!!
5 stars from me …
looking foward to see other demon in the same style


Woeeeewiiee, it’s finished :thumbsup:

You know I like it!


Wow! this is really nice! Very clean model and great design! You really are a great artist!!


Wow! The best of the best! You are genius!! :bounce: :bounce: