Detect blocks of texts in .txt file separated by blank lines and pass them sequentially


I’ve got most of the details worked out for a system to feed text to a project by .txt file so it auto centers, aligns, and so on, but I’m still missing one key element:

The text is in blocks that range from 1 line to 5. Each block on .txt is separated by a blank line (o r could be something else if that’s easier)

Basically, I need it to progressively as the project unfolds pass the text from block 1, block 2, block 3, etc where the lines per block may vary.

I’m assuming this would be some kind of index that increases each time the cycle completes of it looking for the next blank line, then passing whatever was between the previous one and the new one.

Not sure technically how to do the part about sensing blocks, though.

Open to any other solution that achieves a similar end. Any suggestions?