Detailing Dezkin- lightrig


first of it great to see a texturing challenge like this and for such a great tool from foundry i been playing around with Mari on my new rig which I set up nice timing for buying it and just a challenge to keep me motivated .

just posting some references and simple paint over in photo shop trying to get a feel of the character and the materials and trying to imagine a good colour scheme i still experimenting and constructive critis will be welcome I have started bit late but i want to complete it well in time :bounce:

i want to build a story around this character as it helps to understand him his personality and who and what he is which in turn effects the rest things like what he does how he dresses and what he has gone through after seeing the character I made him to be some kind of space pirate anti hero personality here are is a colour test and reference mostly for the clothes , material, eyes,guns ,skin and things like that still thinking about a environment colour schemes are not final but have a look in my mind but also will evolve in the process

thank you cgtalk looking forward to this as its my first ever challenge and a noob like me a great learning experiences and best of luck to rest of the guys go crazy painting


I love the red eyes! I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but that new film Black Swan has a cool part where the main character’s eyes become red, and they had a really great way of doing it in a way that was believable and very realistic. You should check it out if you haven’t already seen it. Good to see you’ve made a conceptual contact sheet there to focus your ideas and inspiration.


high resolution images


What’s up with the swastika, out of interest?


thanks Leigh for the heads up I will defiantly make a point to see it i just seen the posters will definitely check it out . The inspiration for the eyes came from elephant eyes they look magical and have a mystic about it something i am trying to focus on as i feel eyes are the doorway to emotions and the better they look better the character looks some symbols on his clothes something similar just picked something striking to give him depth to the story like he worked for wrong side and now he want to redeem him self just building my own version of story to better understand the charcter


ok my first model textured in Mari :wip: . choose to do the gun as it is simple prop and wanted to get feel of Mari this are straight renders used maya and rendered in mental ray no passes till now just straight renders please do give your critics please wanted to get the maximum in 3d so i have more flexibility for composting used mia shader in maya here are the renders wanted it to be production ready asset from all angels

Mari is awesome once one understand its logic thank you foundry :thumbsup:




this is my shader network and reference using bump and normal map trying to get 8 bit displacement working will try again to get it work some one has nice tut send me the link tried some tuts but dint work but i think i know what i did wrong will try again


and here are Mari screen shot and texture files


PLZ Give me your crits guys thanks will be uploading some more accessory soon


some more work dint get much time this week to work so progress is slow


hi guys it been a tiring week searching a job :cry: not much work done i am heavily behind schedules :cry: hope fully mari will help me speed up thing today dint do much texturing took a break did some concept lighting and composting sketch forgive me its a quick and dirty sketch in photo shop just wanted composition and lighting to be on paper i had bad experiences last time i did a character and was not sure about the lighting and composition so this time i want it clear so i can estimate the work left :arteest: crits and suggestion plz


some rough quick previz in 3d

Hum i think i need the camera more close so the focus is on character with god rays from left and the back ground defocused :wip: give me ur crits guys


hi been a while i am alive :wavey: still just been busy painting here is my work in progress of face still working on it just to show my work flow in mari and to get crits try to post a more complete one soon want to achieve more skin like look with spots and markings here is my ref and wip till



just added little skin texture to the left to test

STILL WORK IN PROGRESS WILL POST WITH FULL SKIN crits on work flow and over all welcome i am noob and appreciate suggestion :arteest:


I’m liking the leather on the belt. It’s got a lot of nice hue variation.


thanks essex more updates coming soon


Hardcore stuff, good luck!


oh guys thank you so much means lot to me and keep me going thanks Tombery major update by tonight should finish the face today at-least some what then keep on tweaking the texture here is look at a close up of a tentacle

THIS is hand painted and then i will use real textures of skin to get more depth crits and suggestion welcome i seeing some amazing entries lets keep painting guys :arteest:


good stuff…keep going…and i would like to know how can you upload more than 5 images…i am not able to upload more that 5…pls do reply and tht wil a great help…thanks…


Really nice detail work. How many channels do you’ve got goin?


hi guys thanks you guys are awesome such thnak you for encouraging me guys means lot to me in hard time i going through without a job . thanks manoj and h bomb i have seen you work you guys love you character H bomb in your portfolio have great work . learnig so much from the from all the people

regarding the channels i am just painting in colour right now will paint normal , bump , and spec and reflection should finish the face today

manoj99 the way u can upload multiple images is through an external image manger like say

u sign in for free upload the image will give u a direct link then past the direct link in ur post
like this Remove the astrex just wanted to show you the format i will pm you to and post the method in your thread still you have difficuty just msg me back :thumbsup: guys