detailing dezkin - Essex


Hey all,

It’s been interesting attempting to learn Mari for this competition. I think I still have a lot to learn…
Anyways, here’s my color map of the knee so far.


That’s looking really good so far, seems realistic and well worn.


I’ve been working on the arm a bit. Unfortunately things are moving along slower than I’d like. My GTX 460 card seems to be a bit underpowered for Mari…


I like it the color map of the knee…looks great…wishing to see more parts.


Hi ! Nice detail ! The rust in my opinion is exaggerated, because it should appear where the paint is chipped off.From what i saw, under the chipped paint the steel seems to be galvanized.In this case the rust is more subtle, more like a yellow leak, like here :

And the surface needs a bit more variation, in value and saturation.Please don’t be mad at me, it’s just my opinion. :rolleyes:


Hey guys here’s a small update of the scarf color map. The gray/white areas at the edges are an opacity map cutting out the color. I’m not sure if there’s a way to actually show opacity in Mari.


metal is looking great


Here’s the knee pad color map I’ve been working.


love the way you treat metal :arteest:


Wow…the amount of detail and “life” in that metal texture is really nice, keep it up! I really like the kneepads and scarf aswell! is it all just textures so far or are you playing with bump/normals aswell?



Thanks Guys!

johanalfort: These images are just the color maps applied.

Here’s an update of the boots so far:


that looks realy cool
i have to say u got some skills love the colours too :bounce:


Update of the jacket progress. It has color, bump, opacity, and a normal created from ZBrush using alphas created in Mari. no spec map applied… forgot to turn on the channel for the snapshots.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to change the background color for snapshots in Mari? I like the feature but I’d prefer 50% neutral gray.


1.2v2 has updates to this feature including grey background and auto-increment file numbers. It should be out is a week or so.



That’s awesome to here Jack. Maybe I should ask for more things… haha

Well, here’s an update. A few of the upper torso pieces all together. Still lots to do. I’ll have to adjust the colors now that I’m seeing all these pieces together.


That skin is looking rad! Love the touch of the bloody wound too.

And I am also looking forward to rendering with a different background than black.


Thanks Laura!

Here is an update of the whole body. I still want to tweak a lot of things but I’m running out of time in a hurry. Hopefully I can make all the changes.


and one more…


Unfortunately I couldn’t get these last two images out in time for the competition. Since I have them, I might as well show them in the WIP thread along with the others.


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