Detail Images?


I was exploring Linda Bergkvist’s excellent collection of portfolio artwork and noted that she has come large, detail sections from the main picture at the top in the picture display area. This seems a big plus to me since often the true talent that went into the work shows up when more details can be seen.

So my question: Is this a feature that is currently available (or will be)?

And, if so, how can it be accessed?



Hi Duncan
I noticed this with my gallery too,if you upload an image(hosted on your own server & placed in the first thread post) it will show up in the portfolio gallery under the main image,looks like it needs to be a specific size too otherwise you get scroll bars.

& here is Lindas (amazing piece) :slight_smile:

the properties of the detail pics show they are not hosted by CGSociety


Well, that makes perfect sense – and I had read over that section each time I uploaded an image. I guess this is the “oh, duh” factor I seem to be operating under most days.

Yes, Linda’s work at certainly displays the heights that CG artwork is achieving these days. Really about any of the CGSociety portfolios do, right now. A really amazing collection of talent on these web pages.


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it’s a good point though it’d be nice if paying members got to host extra thumbs or something…


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