Destruction plugin


I agree that something like this has been needed for a while.

I’d be interested to know if you can create unique objects for this? I’d love to test it in realflow if you have a scene file.



Would pay for this if it worked nicely with SilverBullet! Very handy.



Looks really great! Definitely needed in C4D. Count me in :applause:



The same here. If it works with SilverBullet and maybe also plays nice with RF this would be a great addition to my toolset.



Looks very promising!


Looks very promising!

By the way, I have SilverBullet too, but for Windows, so if you’ll need a beta tester for a Windows version too, somewhere along the way, I’d be welcome to test it.


Awesome! Very cool!


If I’m reading the posts over at CGNETWORK.DE correctly, it looks like the developer of the plugin (the plugin has a working name of “Lehmann” or “CrackIt”, I believe) mentioned in previous posts can’t devote the time to develop his plugin further, but is willing to offer up the code as open source - FYI.


looks very cool!.. a little complicated but maybe i’m just slow…


lookin forward to it, nice job so far…keep it up!


Hi Remo,

Do the axes need to be set to the center of their bounding box, or to the actual center of mass? Center of bounding box is easy, but center of mass, I may need some help on. Not really sure how to calculate that…

Would pay for this if it worked nicely with SilverBullet! Very handy.


Dan started doing some tests last night. I know he needs some time to play around before coming back with definitive results. His initial impressions were that Silver Bullet did not like the complex pieces, producing some odd results, but PhyTools seemed to handle them as expected. I haven’t seen any results, only passing along the info.


Thats unfortuante hopefully it can be fixed:). I’m a SB user as well and would buy this in a second if your plugin was compaitble with SB.


Would an average of all the vertex positions give rough approximation of the centre of mass?
Obviously not accurate if you have a piece with a cluster of vertices really close together on one side, but maybe closer than the centre of the bounding box at least.


Yes an average of all the vertex positions would be enough for common meshes.
SB4D has algorithm build in that calculate CoM more precisely based on volume of the object.
I could adapt it for you pieces in next release.



Any updates on this plugin bandini?


Sorry, no updates since the original post. I have been swamped with work, and I just have not had the time to work on this.

I got some nice feedback from a couple users, but I still have not seen anyone use it in a dynamics sim.

Maybe I’ll just post up the current very buggy version of the plugin for free up here and see if anyone wants to take a shot with it. Until I know that good simulations are possible within C4D, I want to make sure I’m not wasting too much time on this tool.


I mentioned earlier in the thread that I’d be happy to try it in Realflow. It would be necessary for the plug-in to generate individual objects (or at least for the user to easily create them.) After that it should be fairly simple to see what happens.



Hello Adam! Thanks a’lot for development!

I catch such dynamic behavior of your ex-opponent(lehmann 08-crackit) ;), especially for small pieces(with selection sets) need to put objects(first - lehmann) into “solver”-object(or silverbullet group) for “cracking”-process. Then make editable group and slightly randomize it. No more crach or errors and "proper’ dynamic, maybe it will helpful for beta-testrs
Sorry if this invistigation was and i missed it :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!


Me too :slight_smile:
So far I have used the Maya shatter script to create pieces for realflow-simulations, but this plugin looks much more user-friendly.
An example of shattered-objects in RF, rendered in C4D:


Ok, 32bit Mac version attached. This is the most stable version I have (which isn’t saying a whole lot).

Seriously, this thing has tons of bugs and absolutely will crash Cinema frequently, so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Here are some bugs I know about:

-Visualizer only works in Subdivide Whole Object mode
-Selecting the visualizer object in the OM or viewport wll most likely cause a crash (although, not immediately)
-Don’t mess with any files in the res directory. You will crash when you use the plugin.
-Undo’s do not work as expected. Can also cause a crash.
-Iteration set higher than 8 is not recommended. Feel free to try higher levels, but expect all kinds of errors - anything from out of memory errors to infinite beach-balling to a high-level crash
-This is not threaded yet, so there is no way to abort the plugin after you have chosen to slice the object.
-AxisCenter/Center of mass has not been programmed yet. You can select your slices and use the AxisCenter command from within Cinema to do this.
-Only works on one object at a time, and that object should be a mesh with no children or parent.
-Radial slice has not been programmed yet

Good luck, and please post some results!