Destruction plugin


Here’s a quick preview of something I’m working on and hope to release in the coming months. It is a destruction helper for Cinema 4D. Basically, it takes care of fragmenting your objects, creating solid chunks, so you can feed them into a dynamics simulation.

I have two options programmed that are demonstrated in the movie:

  1. Subdivide Each Chunk - Finds the center point of each fragment and then splits the fragment along that center point, aligning the slice plane randomly. Creates fairly even-sized chunks.

  2. Subdivide Whole Object - Starts by picking random surface points of the object, then slices through the entire object and fragments. Somewhat like someone slicing an apple into pieces

The third option will be a radial slicer - good for cracks and impact fragments. You will be able to choose where on the surface of your object the radial pattern originates.

Ideally, I would also like to automate thinking particles to be emitted from the fracture edges, so smaller debris and dust/smoke can easily be created.

If someone here has Silver Bullet, I’d be happy to send you a beta (Mac only for now) of this plugin to test how well an actual dynamics simulation works with these pieces, if you will share the results. I only have the dynamics module, which won’t handle a simulation with these pieces, as there’s no separation between the pieces.

Also, any feedback would be appreciated.



Hi Bandini,

This looks like it could be a really interesting plug. I have Silver Bullet, as well as all of the PhyTools suite. I’d be happy to test out the plug for you here on and render up some cool samples on the farm if you’re interested.

Just give me a shout at dan AT RenderFriend dot com


I’ve wanted something like this for some time. :beer:

I wonder if you could add a manual feature as in this Max example:

That would be the ideal solution for my purposes.


I forgot to mention that I did want to add an option for manually creating individual cuts. I had not thought about manually placing multiple slice planes, but maybe I will now.

Dan, I sent the plug to that address. Look for it in your inbox.


Hmmm What about the Explosion FX for that!? I mean for the fragging.


Very nice! Huge time saver.

This allows more control over individual chunks and therefore dynamics, than the explosion fx.


I don’t think explosion pieces look very good or natural. I may be wrong, but I also think explosion deformer pieces are shells of the original geometry, rather than solid-volume pieces that are created through booleans.

In either case, I think these fragments look better and more natural.


I found the EX FX fragments chunkier than the vedge slices in the video.
Something like Blastcode’s stuff for C4D would be fun. However, I would not have a use for it, but playing with it seems to be fun 8).


Looks very promising. I agree that C4D has needed something like this for ages.



Great looking plugin… I’m working on a Samurai film in C4d right now so I’m going to have to slice up lots of character models and objects ^ ^ I second the request for being able to manually create slices in objects… thank you for your hard work and looking forward to seeing your progess.


Hi Bandini,

you plugins is looking interesting!

One important thing to using pieces from you plugins in SB4D one need to reset axes.
For proper rotation, the axes must be on center of mass for every piece.



Hi Adam,
I could need that plugin right now for a project.
Any chance to become a beta tester?



Been wanting something like this for a while. I have SB as well. Can’t wait to see more. Hopefully you get it to work with SB.


in 3DMAX,have a same free plugin.

Pick the object you want to process.

hope the same powerful plug-in



Very interesting indeed!



Looks very good. Wanted such a thing for a very long time.



Hi there is a similar plugin in beta statium here

on page 2 there is a public beta of the plugin

perhaps you two can team up and make a really nice desctruction plugin …

regards mogh


I’m very excited, wanted to have a plugin like that for ages! :smiley:


Sure we need a plugin like that very handy.
Could be great to have a tool robust as blastcode.
Keep going.


Really interested in this too!