Destroyed city W.I.P.


Personal work.
Now too much part are painted:S


Updated version:


I feel it is done, but appreciate any suggestion.

A new update:

The plate


I think it is finished. I added a bit more depth and moved the right smoke a bit left.

Close up (50%):


Wow. I love it.


Thank you!


Very nice! How did you do those destructed buildings? Did you paint them or did you use photo references?


Here is a little making of.

I created a grayscale picture with costume brushes (step 2nd) and I put it over the city layer. Set the opacity 45% and overlay mode (step 3rd). After that I painted over some parts (step 4th).


Very cool kbarts, I really like it.
I have been thinking of doing something similar to this and you just inspired me to start, I hope mine turns out as well as yours did.
Also, thanks for the making of you posted; I found it to be helpful. I really enjoyed your gallery as well, my favorite was “Hunter of the Pacific ocean.” Great stuff Kbarts!


Heh, funny that we both came up with the same solution without each others’ knowledge. I did that grunge overlay trick on that neonoir matte I’m working on. Except I used color textures of rust and such, instead of grayscale. I found it gives the buildings some interesting color variations.


kbarts: Thanks you for your kindness! :slight_smile:

That wip opened my eyes, although it is something simple, but I have not try matte paintings before. This is a really good way to start. :slight_smile:

Thanks alot! Appreciated it.


hey KB…m vry new to matte…can u provide me some help n gv me some refrence sites/tutorials for matte…also i cant understand wat do u do in 2nd step??? little confused…plzz clearify…thanksss


GFaught and Wizdoc: thanks! Color textures are good for that. I tryed but I stayed with the grayscale overlay.

raylistic: thank you! Try out. :wink:

hdrockzz: you can use photos for the overlay as Wizdoc said.

Maybe this could help you:


Just a quick color test:

Go ahead or stay at the original concept?


NO…KB this color test ruined the taste…earlier one was v.gud…stick with it…!!

N yeah thanks for the reply…it really helped me…

may i ask u some other questions,if u dnt mind???


Feel free to ask. If I can I’ll answer.


Hey nice WIP ! Great job to learn how you did this hard …
All the best


Thank you Bro!


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