Destroy City, Thierry Canon (3D)


Title: Destroy City
Name: Thierry Canon
Country: France
Software: 3ds max, After Effects, VRay

a sequence for a short film called “virus”
It’s a HD render for an animated sequence on 1200 frames.

you can see the animation on the website of specimen production click on “gallery” and "feature film " and “virus”

Team :
Thierry Canon : lead 3d & compositing

.Quentin Mabille : modélisation-matte paint-texturing

.Vincent Parot : modélisation-texturing

.Arnaud guillon : modélisation-texturing-second compositing

>> Hi resolution image <<


Amazing. Simply amazing.


Front page and choice gallery :bounce:

This looks fantastic, excellent atmosphere, I like it very much!
Great skills you have. :slight_smile:
more than 5stars :thumbsup:


yep, this is front page stuff, i like all the details and the compositing of the whole scene, amazing. 5 stars!



Great image, wonderful render and atmosphere! Top shelf for sure! :bounce:

Am I seeing things or are there several faces on the tallest building in the scene? It is second from the right in the foreground.

Cheers! :hmm:


defenitivly ! ! ! crazy ! ! after the ice shader , the broken city !! :thumbsup:

really perfect , amazing rendering and details, i’have never see that here !! :eek: . . .amazing result for an pur team ! ! :beer: l’anim . . . . pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff … . . …i’m freeze by the perfect result…only , not , nothing . …it’s just top

“ben , tu sait ce que j’en pense , la grosse claque, c’est toujours aussi effrayant de details et de realisme”

10 stars and front page

i’m spechless , only 4 comments , the worl is really destroy or what ! !!:curious:


Wow… thats crazy!
Looks like a big budged VFX-Shot for a Hollywood-Blockbuster
Thats insane…
Thats really frontpage stuff:scream:

Keep it up:drool:


hi thanks for your feedback
chalkman : yes it’s a face of a woman, a publicity:)

other render (2eme plan )



what?! :eek: :surprised :love:

is that 100 % 3d and no mat paintings?


what?! :eek: :surprised :thumbsup:



holy sh!t :surprised (looking at wire), how many polys or tris is that?

great work :slight_smile:


absolutely amazing! what impresses me even more is the amount of 3d modelling that went into this.

5 stars, no doubt!


wow impressive work:eek::love:


ps: can we see any of the animation?

edit: nevermind, saw your post about the website…


:bounce:et bimmmmmmm !:bounce:

ça en jète !! mortel !!

congrats, & everything in 3d… amazing ! :eek::eek::thumbsup::applause:



Ac0rN :3 500 000 polygones

apeman: you can see the animation on the website of specimen production click on “gallery” and "feature film " and “virus”


Gah! 5 stars + (nice work)


This is great! How did you get the cracks in the buildings so good? :stuck_out_tongue:


Very great good work, simply amazing stuff you got going here. I couldn’t believe it at first when I read the applications you used. I was sure I was going to see Photoshop or painter, simply amazing work. awesome job.


3 500 000 :eek:

wooooow!! well done

I too agree cg choice pic, how long was your render?