Desolate Terrain, Ajit Menon (3D)


Title: Desolate Terrain
Name: Ajit Menon
Country: USA
Software: After Effects, Photoshop, XSI

This is a revision of my Control of Nature challenge entry.
I had not really focussed too much on the creature and hence was never truly happy about it.
So I decided to upload the terrain on it’s own.
As mentioned previously, except for the sky, every element is modelled and rendered in Softimage XSI. I did paint in some light fog and duplicated a bit of the rubble for added effect.


looks great
keep it up


Wow very good landscape work considering it wasnt done in something like Vue! Is almost flawlass apart from some of the lesser quality textures found right close to the camera but this is very diffcult to find away around. Some colours seem a little washed out too. I am simply nit picking here though.

Excellent work definitly keep going with it!


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